NieR: Automata’s licensed album, Glory to Mankind, now on Spotify

nier glory to mankind
NieR: Automata definitely has one of the best video game soundtracks in recent memory, and if you haven’t had the chance to check out the game, I recommend that you do. In addition, you can buy the original soundtrack on Amazon. But if you’re a Spotify lover like myself, then you are out of luck when it comes to the original tracks. There is good news, however! An officially licensed arrangement album called NieR: Glory to Mankind is now available on Spotify. It features all-new arrangements from the game by composer Rozen and vocalist Reven as they bring the best parts of the soundtrack into the new album.

The album is released under Materia Collective and contains 13 unique arrangements combining live vocals and instrumental performances from the remarkable tracks composed by Keiichi Okabe, Keigo Hoashi, and the MoNACA team.

Below is a teaser of the album:

NieR: Glory to Mankind is also available in digital and limited physical editions. Check out the links below.

NieR: Glory to Mankind on Spotify
NieR: Glory to Mankind on Bandcamp (physical edition)
NieR: Glory to Mankind on iTunes

The album contains songs from the game including the haunting yet innocent “Amusement Park” and the beautiful “City Ruins.” The full track list is below:

01. Become as Gods
02. City Ruins
03. Amusement Park
04. A Beautiful Song
05. Copied City
06. Wretched Weaponry
07. Emil (Despair)
08. Eve
09. Vague Hope
10. Dark Colossus
11. Song of Devola & Popola
12. Grandma (Destruction)
13. Weight of the World

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