Top 5 nitpicks about Game of Thrones season 7

Game of Thrones season 7
It’s hardly controversial to call Game of Thrones season 7 a bit uneven. Although there were some remarkable highs (the Queen of Thorns’ final scene and the stunning, if poorly named, Loot Train Battle come to mind), there were also some pretty perplexing lows. From the sudden emergence of supersonic ravens to puzzling decisions from many of our favorite characters solely to service plot development, the latest season will likely go down as a somewhat middling season in what will likely end up being among the most critically acclaimed and adored shows of all time.

Perhaps it was the shortened season or the fact that the showrunners had to get through a lot of plot in a very brief amount of time. But there were definitely moments that strained viewers credulity on a show that features fire breathing dragons and smoke monsters that come out of women’s…um, lady parts. Yet in spite of the mix of epic and awful episodes, Game of Thrones continues to serve as the standard bearer for event television. The only program on television that can bring an entire country together to discuss topics as varied as succession planning among royalty and casual incest.

And seeing as how we have potentially up to 18 months to wait until the next season of Thrones, it’s time to nitpick some things that really bothered me about Game of Thrones Season 7. To be clear, I really enjoyed this season. A friggin zombie dragon took down a thousand-year-old wall of ice! But, now that this season is over, I figure there’s never been a better time to gripe about my favorite show on television. Because we only nitpick the ones we love.

1. What was Tyrion thinking when he devised a plan to send Jon and company north of the wall to capture a white walker?

Tyrion had already made a huge strategic error this year when he sent troops to capture the strategically unimportant Casterly Rock, thus allowing Jamie to take Highgarden and its rich gold mines. But his plan to send men north of the wall to capture a white walker was absolutely ridiculous when you consider their overall plan. Tyrion knows Cersei better than anyone. He is intimately aware of her ruthlessness and cunning and knows that she would absolutely sacrifice everything and everyone to remain in power. Why would he suddenly think that showing her a white walker would make her just hang back, and let Daenerys and Jon consolidate their forces unchecked?

But even if we all agree that Dany shouldn’t fight a two front war, why not go after King’s Landing first? To the south, you have a human enemy that is besieged in a single castle that just suffered a huge defeat against dragons that are effectively invincible to normal weapons. And on the other, you have a massive wave of undead zombies that have no fear and can only be killed by a specific weapon. Wouldn’t it make sense to take out the easy threat first, and then deal with the white walkers, rather than trying to form a truce with a ruler who has been known to be untrustworthy, and just hope that, “Maybe this time it’ll be different.” Tyrion, you are excellent with wordplay, wine, and women, but maybe leave the soldiering to the others.

2. How did Cersei and Euron plot his sudden departure from their parlay with Dany when Cersei didn’t even know that the wight was in the box?

This oversight drove me crazy. Cersei and company see the wight in the box that Jon brought back from the north. And Euron immediately peaces out, saying, “I’m not scared of anything, but those zombie dudes are terrifying.” But then we later learn that Cersei planned to send Euron and his ships away so that he could bring back the Golden Company from Essos. But Cersei didn’t know that there was a wight in the box before the two sides met. She had no reason to assume that a white walker was going to be released from a box. In fact, she didn’t really know what Daenerys was going to propose to her at all. So how exactly did that “brilliant” plan get hatched? Did Cersei go to Euron and say, “At some point, make an excuse to pretend like you’re leaving and taking your fleet with you. You know, so they’ll think I’m weakened.” Uh yeah, sorry, that doesn’t quite hold up.

3. Why didn’t the Night King spear the dragon on the ground in front of him?

So you have a stationary dragon on the ground with your enemy riding atop it, and a dragon that’s flying through the air, whipping back and forth while firing jets of dragonfire from its mouth. Which target would you go for? So unless the Night King was getting bonus XP for hitting a skill shot, it made zero sense for him to chuck his ice lance at the fast moving Viserion, rather than the grounded Drogon. But, no, he decides to Yolo throw his lance and somehow perfectly pierces poor Viserion, sending him crashing into the icy water. But I have to admit, that shot of Viserion waking up as an ice dragon was pretty baller.

4. Why did Tyrion look so angry/pained when he saw Jon and Dany, ahem, combining ice and fire?

Tyrion has been among Danerys’ staunchest allies, and he has always had an affection towards his fellow outcast son, Jon. So it was quite odd to see his reaction to Jon giving Dany his Valerian steel. His look was a mixture of anger, unease, and maybe a bit of jealousy, that felt very much out of character with what we had seen from Tyrion thus far. Tyrion surely admires Dany, and maybe even has a sort of unrequited crush on her. But ultimately, he knows that Jon and Dany together makes sense. In fact, it might solve the whole succession issue entirely. So why does he look like he just caught his lover in bed with someone else?

5. Why are we all not more grossed out that an aunt and nephew are having sex?

I mean, #Jonerys forever! But, seriously… ewww!!!

And that’s my nitpicks for Game of Thrones season 7. Did you have any nitpicks? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Achirae

    Largely agree, though overall the season was still good enough that we can “meh” away some of those details.

    As for number 5, I think it’s just a sign of how desensitized the rest of the show has made us by this point. I mean really, in the grand scheme of F’d up shit in GoT, a little aunt/nephew action doesn’t really rate much, especially when no one but Bran, Samwell, and the audience knows the truth.

    My big question is, sure, Jon might believe Bran and Sam when they tell him who he is and what that means, but how do they expect to convince anyone else? Bran: “I saw in a vision that Jon is the son of my aunt and Rhaegar Targaryan!” Sam: “I saw an anecdotal account in an old grand maester’s diary saying he divorced Rhaegar from his wife and married him to Liliana!” The rest of Westeros: “Pics or it didn’t happen!”

    • Brian Chu

      Yeah, I’m curious to see if people will actually accept Jon as the rightful heir. It does seem a bit weird to just say, “Please trust a dusty old diary and some tripped out kid.”

    • Tiha N’Che

      I think there will be little doubt after he rides a dragon in the great war…I had a thought that he might keep his lineage a secret from the public because he doesn’t want to rule but I think it is inevitable that he rides a dragon so that will spill the secret..but I also think that after seeing that, and the fact that Dany and Jon will fight alongside their people while Cersei will hide in KL will win people over

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  • Tiha N’Che

    I’m going to nitpick your nitpicks 🙂
    about number one, Jon said in episode 3 that there is no time to wait for Cersei to be defeated and then fight the White Walkers..and it’s not just a single castle, it’s a city with a million people and since nobody wants Dany to attack the city itself with the dragons and kill thousands of innocent people, the siege is their only option and sieges take time…and I wouldn’t say that dragons are effectively invincible..if Bronn’s shot was more accurate it would be bye bye Drogon..
    about the third understanding was that, since Drogon was on the ground, if The Night King had killed him, he would’ve died on the ground allowing the others to maybe burn his body, but since Viserion was mid-flight, he crashed in the water which allowed TNK to salvage his body..
    I’m also a bit confused about Tyrion lurking in the hallway, I was sure it was Lord Friendzone Jorah at first..I thought Tyrion had feelings for Dany in the finale of last season when he says (talking about Daario) he wasn’t the first to love you, he won’t be the last..there’s just something about the way he looks at her in that scene. BUt there were no hints at it this season so I don’t know..maybe he’s just worried about her decision making abilities..I mean, if Jon wasn’t beyond the wall in episode 6 I don’t think that Dany would be that fast to come to the rescue and loose one of her dragons..and that was before they hooked up..
    and about five, I’m not grossed out..maybe there’s something wrong with me but I see it as two consenting adults who met just recently, who are in love and don’t know that they are related and didn’t grow up together..I’m more grossed out by people who are rooting for Sansa and Jon (I was shocked that they even existed) beacuse even if they are not brother&sister, they grew up like they were which is a thousand times more creepy imo

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