HTC Vive VR headset is now $200 cheaper

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have been battling over the top spot for the high-end VR market. According to Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney, the Vive has been outselling the Rift 2-to-1. And to make the Vive sell even more, HTC has cut the price of the VR hardware from $799 to $599. Buyers will be able to get the headset, controllers and a free Viveport Subscription trial.

This comes after the Oculus Rift getting a temporary price drop in July, which made it available for $399. This marks the second price cut for the Rift in just a year.

SuperDate has estimated that the HTV Vive will be selling 200,000 more units than the Oculus by the end of the year. It also calculated that the price cut for the Oculus helped close the gap between its sales and the HTC, but it hasn’t prevented the latter from shipping more headsets.

“After a bump in sales from Oculus’s Rift discount, Facebook’s company has managed to close in on HTC VIVE’s 2-to-1 lead,” said Stephanie Llamas, VP of research and strategy at SuperData. “However, VIVE is still shipping more units, even with its higher price point. While it may seem that VIVE is dropping its headset price by $200 in order to follow its competitor’s strategy, I don’t think this was a reactive decision.

“HTC has always been methodical about their product strategy and is not known to make decisions just to respond to what other companies do. Now that people know more about VR and AAA games like Fallout 4 and DOOM are launching soon, HTC understands the benefit of setting a more accessible price for their headset. I think it will definitely boost the user base, especially if they concentrate on making the software side more seamless.”

Via GameIndustry

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