David Tennant returns as Killgrave on Jessica Jones season 2

Photos have surfaced of David Tennant’s return as Zebediah Killgrave aka The Purple Man on the set of the second season of Jessica Jones. Although many thought the images were a flashback of Jones’ (Kristen Ritter) past, there were also images of Malcolm (Eka Darville) interacting with the infamous killer.

Dressed in his iconic purple suit, Killgrave still seems to have taken control of Jones or at least holding her hostage somehow.

Last season, Killgrave was killed off by Jones in the final episode when she snapped his neck, ending his reign of terror. So, just how is he able to come back?

In the comics, Killgrave is able to recover rapidly from trauma and heal himself from a severe injury and even death. So, it would make sense that Killgrave returns, especially since Tennant made the character so popular. Tennant’s Killgrave has been highly regarded as one of the top villains in Marvel’s history. It’s no surprise they asked Tennant to return.


Jessica Jones second season is still shooting in New York and is expected to air in 2018. The series will have 13 episodes, and all directed by female directors, according to showrunner Melissa Rosenberg. The series will see the return of Ritter, Tennant, Darville, Rachael Taylor as Trish, and Carrie-Ann Moss as Jeri Hogarth. The new cast members include J.R. Ramirez as Oscar, the new building manager and potential love interest for Jones; Leah Gibson as Ingrid; and, Janet McTeer in an undisclosed role.

Jessica Jones will be seen next in this week’s release (August 18) of Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Official Synopsis:

After a tragic ending to her short-lived Super Hero stint, Jessica Jones is rebuilding her personal life and career as a detective who gets pulled into cases in New York City. This drama is a suspenseful, edgy look into her life, as she faces demons from within and without.

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