Previewing State of Mind, a futuristic adventure game from Daedalic

State of Mind
There’s something about mankind’s fascination with the future, whether we’re living in a perfect society or surviving in a post-apocalyptic future. With technology improving, people are also fascinated with transhumanism. With that said, Daedalic’s State of Mind gives us the best of these worlds as players will explore a futuristic dystopian world while also escaping in a utopian virtual reality.

The third-person adventure game is heavily focused on story with a unique art style. Imagine if artist Peter Chung (Aeon Flux) took a crack at a video game comprised heavily of polygons. Players will be able to play as different characters in two separate game worlds. In our hands-on E3 demonstration, I got to play as Richard Nolan, a father and journalist from Berlin who finds out he was involved in an accident. To make matters worse, he also has amnesia. That will make things tough when he tries to rejoin with his family and reclaim his memories. Of course, to make the story grander, he’ll find out that his journey will involve him shaping the future of mankind.

For the controls and camera angles, it’s similar to games like Square Enix’s Life Is Strange. The demo starts off with me as Richard waking up inside a medical facility. Later on, a doctor asks me personal questions. Since my character has amnesia and I’m not privy to some parts of his past, I would fake it. (It’s perfect since I feel like I’m the character at that moment.) Of course, my answers turned out to be wrong. The doctor was trying to make me remember my family, and it’s funny to see the interaction as if the doctor thinks I’m crazy.

After that, I was able to go home. A robot servant was present to help me get comfortable while also trying to fill me in on what’s happening with my family. However, Richard gets agitated with the bot. Later he gets a hologram video call from someone, and it hints at his relationship troubles. Adultery?! It’s a moment that shows us that the protagonist isn’t perfect. And perhaps we’ll see a change in character if he’s going to have a hand in saving mankind.

The demo is all about piecing the clues together. And if the final game is able to keep you interested with its story and mystery, then I’m pretty sure adventure fans will be in for a treat later this year.

State of Mind will be out in Quarter 4 of 2017.

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