Travel Back in Time with Questroom’s Da Vinci Challenge

Koreatown, an integral part of Los Angeles that is rich in culture and diversity. When most people speak about ktown it’s mainly about the food, but concealed amongst the bevy of tea houses, coffee shops, and Korean barbecue restaurants is a hidden gem.

Located on the outskirts of Koreatown is Questroom. An exciting new escape room that wants to raise the bar on escape rooms that are sweeping the nation. Currently home to two different rooms, Questroom opened it’ doors for us to try out their most difficult room, ‘Da Vinci’s Challenge.’

The story of Da Vinci’s Challenge is that you’re transported back to the year 1493. Leonardo Da Vinci is the biggest name around the world, and people are gathering by the masses hoping that Da Vinci will take them on as a student. So what does the master inventor do? He constructs a room that will challenge each candidate to see if they have what it takes to become a student of Da Vinci. Now that the story is out of the way. It’s time for us to make our way in to ‘Da Vinci’s Challenge.’


Before the game starts our party is separated into two groups. Each group is then led into a dark room. Once in the room, a small glimmer of light allows us to barely see what’s inside. When the game starts the room gets slightly brighter, which gives us just enough light to see a few of the puzzles that are hidden around the room as well as our other group. The room is big, and from what I can tell is that each group will need to work with each other to escape. I can see around both rooms with what little light we have and I must say that this room is gorgeously designed. It does an amazing job of giving you the feeling that you truly are in a room that Da Vinci created.

As we progressed, the room continues to get brighter and eventually you get to see the entire scope of the room, and it is jaw dropping once you get to see every meticulous detail that was put into it. When I say that every inch of the room is thoughtfully designed, I’m not exaggerating. There were things in the room that didn’t have anything to do with the puzzles, but it was there specifically just to give you the aesthetic that you were in a room that’s in 1493. You couldn’t help but stop and admire the sheer craftsmanship behind some of the objects.

There were several things that I really enjoyed about the room, one being that there was no clock displayed counting down our time. Secondly, to give the room more of an immersive Da Vinci feeling, they designed the room to include just some of Da Vinci’s most famous work. Lastly, when our team needed a hint we were treated with a voice that came from a man who sounds like he was plucked right out of 1493. Questroom did an outstanding job of making sure their players were part of the story.



I’ve been through my fair share of escape rooms, and I’ll say that locks are a pivotal part of any room. Now what kind of lock they use differs from room to room, but most use a standard lock that you can buy at your local hardware store. But this is where Questroom differs. Each lock that we encountered seemed to be specifically made for that room. You remember when I said that Questroom wanted to make you feel as if you were in 1493, well the locks and puzzles they created is just another added touch to their meticulous design. They knew that a Masterlock from a hardware store wasn’t going to give you the same feeling as a lock made entirely out of wood and iron.

The puzzles ranged from easy and obvious to down right frustrating. One of my favorite puzzles involved using a number sequence that’s been around for centuries. To figure out some the puzzles, the room had a couple guide books that gave instructions on what you should do, and you know what. Even those books were made to give you that feeling that Da Vinci wrote and bound those books himself. Like I said before, I’m not exaggerating on how detailed the design for this room was.

We came across a few puzzles that were giving us a slight challenge. We followed the instructions down to a T, but yet nothing was happening. We began to get frustrated because after numerous attempts, we kept failing. Eventually, we solved the puzzle and from there we discovered that we had the right solution all along, but the puzzle required that we needed to be very precise. Now some might see this as a problem due to the fact that every second counts when you’re trying to escape, and a little wiggle room would be appreciated. But remember, we’re trying to be a student of Da Vinci, we need to be precise.

In the end, our team escaped (we were told that Nerd Reactor is the second fastest team to escape) and from start to finish, Da Vinci is an exhilarating and exciting room that does a fantastic job of transporting you to the year 1493. The design and puzzle creation are stunning and it rightfully tests out your intellectual prowess. Regardless if it’s your first time or hundredth time doing an escape room, Questrooms’ ‘Da Vinci Challenge’ is one that you definitely need to add to your list.

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