E3 2017: Hands-on with Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive
Metal Gear Survive was, of course, met with some controversy since series creator Hideo Kojima was fired from the company the year before its announcement at TGS 2016. Set after the fall of Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, the remaining soldiers were sucked into a wormhole leading to another dimension full of crystalline monsters.

The Metal Gear Survive demo we got to play was a co-op mode, where a team of up to four players must defend an objective from creatures. We made the selection between four different avatars, but players will be able to create their own characters in the final version. Each player was then thrown into the virtual training room to get a handle of how the game plays. It feels almost exactly like MGS V with a few minor changes, which is great because that game controls like a dream. Once everyone was ready, we stood inside of a circle to warp to the mission.

We began a few clicks outside of the objective, a wormhole device, with a few creatures between us and it. The farm-like setting almost felt identical to one in MGS V: The Phantom Pain, which kind of makes sense seeing as they’re reusing a ton of assets from those games. It was an unsuccessful endeavor trying to take out the creatures with stealth (it got loud real quick). Afterward, we arrived at the wormhole device with time to prepare our defenses before the onslaught of creatures, since activating the device would trigger their appearances. Some players set up machine gun nests and gathered ammunition for themselves while I set up a few barbed wire fences in the spots where the mini-map would predict the creatures’ movements. Knowing where they’re going won’t always help you, however.

The first wave of creatures was relatively tame at best, but it was just the first wave after all. Between waves, sidequests would pop up in different areas of the map for anyone to go and acquire extra ammo or tools. The next wave was increasingly difficult, with a new type of creature who would blow up upon contact. Thankfully, a new sidequest popped up to get Walker Gears, which (if you’re unaware) are walking mechanisms with mini-guns. It was thanks to piloting these badass machines that we were able to successfully stop the wave while almost dying.

Metal Gear Survive is turning out to be the game I was expecting it to be: a solid spin-off title in the Metal Gear universe but lacks the unique charm and flair brought by Hideo Kojima and his associates. We will find out what the final product will be like once it launches early next year.

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