New info for Disneyland’s Star Wars-themed land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
It’s a sight to behold as I entered the Disney Parks booth at D23 Expo. They weren’t showing much else other than items relating to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the name of the upcoming Star Wars-themed lands for Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Giant paintings, props and miniature models like the Millennium Falcon surround the booth, and the main piece is the giant model of the actual Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land. It is very detailed, and the actual land will be 14 acres, making it the biggest single-themed land expansion.

There will be two main attractions, one that will put you inside a Star Destroyer’s hangar bay as you’ll experience the First Order and the Resistance battling each other. The other attraction will have you flying inside the Millennium Falcon, with each guest having a special role in order to succeed in the mission. For example, one guest will be piloting, another will be shooting blasters, and another will be preparing for hyperspace. If the group performs well, they may earn extra galactic credits. Coming back with the Falcon all damaged may have the guests marked as a bounty. And if they are put on Harkos’ list, they may have an issue at the local cantina. Now that’s interactive!

In addition, guests will also get a chance to meet characters like BB-8, Chewbacca, and Kylo Ren. RX-24, aka Rex, will also make an appearance as a DJ at the cantina. He can be seen in a previous version of Star Tours. And as for the cantina, there’s a chance to order drinks including blue milk.

Check out the large-scale model up close courtesy of Disney Parks.

Fans will soon get to check out Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in 2019 at Disneyland in Anaheim. Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando will follow suit.

In other Disney Parks and Star Wars news, Walt Disney World will have an immersive Star Wars-themed hotel. Employees, aka cast members, will be dressed up and in character. Each guest will have their own storyline, with Disney saying that it will “touch every single minute of your day.” The hotel is set inside a space ship, and that means all the windows will show outer space. How neat is that?

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge photo by Laura Sirikul

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