Development Hell produces slasher horror film ‘Dyer Lane’

Development Hell, a Sacramento-based production company, are working on their next horror film, loosely based on a part of Sacramento history, Dyer Lane.

The actual Dyer Lane is a rural road in Placer County that is said to be haunted. The road has a history of deadly accidents, suicides, and even murder. The Ku Klux Klan were believed to had met there during the 1930s and possibly included some lynchings. Even more recently, animals were found dead strung up the trees. Urban legends have been spoken about the road, including spirits, phantom cop cars, vanishing tractors, and glowing orbs.

Development Hell has now turned the road into a horror film about seven friends who spend the night on Dyer Lane and find out if the urban legends are true. The film is currently in pre-production and plans on creating a crowdfunding campaign to finish the film. They have developed a teaser for their Indiegogo, which will be live next month. For more information on Dyer Lane, click here.

Dyer Lane Official Synopsis:

A group of seven college-aged friends take a trip out to Dyer Lane to party and explore the urban legends surrounding the road. Will they survive to tell the tale? Based on the actual urban legends that have been told for over one hundred years!


About Development Hell

Development Hell is a unique production/development company that is letting the fans decide how big their projects become. Dyer Lane is the maiden voyage for the company. Since shooting the trailer, they have built up a social media audience of over 5,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The crowdfunding campaign will decide if the project becomes a feature film ($500k goal) or just a couple of extended trailers ($10k goal). If we land in the middle it will be a short film of some length. We don’t know how big the audience for a film about Dyer Lane could be, but we will find out and make the project accordingly.

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