E3 2017: Introducing the Pico Goblin VR headset

Pico Goblin
A few months back at GDC, I was introduced to the Pico Interactive team and their wireless VR headset, the Pico Neo CV. (I was able to get the Pico Neo VR experience which you can read about here.) This time at E3, they showed me a new headset called the Pico Goblin. This lightweight and compact headset is completely wireless like its big brother, Neo. In addition, it is still able to deliver that authentic VR feeling. The Goblin will be releasing ahead of the Neo as a more affordable pick-up-and-play VR headset for all experience levels.

Unlike the Neo and its 6 degrees of freedom, the Goblin will only feature 3. This makes it a great introduction for beginners to VR. Without the extra 3 degrees of freedom, players will only have to manage where they’re looking and pointing at. And they won’t have to worry about other body movements.

Pico is attempting to break the VR phone market by settings the Goblin’s price tag at $269.99. This makes it very comparable to other portable headsets. The upcoming headset has a huge advantage since it requires nothing other than the headset itself. With no phones to attach and cameras to set up, it is simply a put-on-and-play VR headset. The Pico headset, like the competitors, has its own marketplace for games like Starship Disco and Attack of the Bugs. Pico Goblin users will also be able to play their games on the Pico Neo at no additional cost should they wish to upgrade when it releases.

During my time with the Pico headsets, I played the same games on each of the headsets just to see the differences between the two. The experiences were very similar. I am a more active user VR user, so the Pico Neo was by far the more enjoyable experience. The Goblin is more of a headset you take with you to a family gathering, especially to see your relatives experience VR for the first time thanks to it being user-friendly.

The Goblin is currently available for pre-order and has a special offer for early adopters including $20 off, 5 free premium games, and free shipping within approximately 6-8 weeks. In addition, the Pico Neo will release later with details still to be announced.

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