SeaWorld’s new attractions: Orca Encounter and Ocean Explorer

SeaWorld Orca Encounter Ocean Explorer
SeaWorld in San Diego has opened up new attractions. And this marks the amusement park’s largest premiere in its history. Families will get to explore the deep sea with Ocean Explorer and see live orcas and learn about them in Orca Encounter.


Orca Encounter

Orca Encounter is a new show that will captivate families old and new. Audiences will get to see the killer whales perform some cool feats. In addition to that, there’s a state-of-the-art screen that enhances the show with facts about the orca. The three-story infinity screen complements the stage and the background (during certain lighting conditions).

Orca Encounter is definitely one of my favorite attractions at SeaWorld. It’s great to learn about how orcas can take down a whale and how their skin helps them with camouflage. The host of the show does mention that they do their best to take care of the orcas. Furthermore, you can see that these sea mammals trust the caretaker as they would show off their belly, something they wouldn’t do if they’re feeling threatened.

Ocean Explorer

Ocean Explorer features many rides catering towards children. Many of the smaller rides will be familiar to those who visit other parks or carnivals. These include the swing ride, miniature drop tower, and pendulum ride. (You can see examples in the video below.) However, the main ride is the Submarine Quest. I wasn’t able to check out the ride due to it having issues.

Here’s the ride’s description:

Submarine Quest is an underwater world of deep-sea discovery featuring rarely seen giant Japanese spider crab, slithering moray eels and imposing giant Pacific octopuses.

On June 17th, Electric Ocean will premiere. It’s an experience that you’ll only get to see at nighttime where the park will look like a deep bioluminescent ocean.

Check out the highlights of the new attractions below.

SeaWorld has recently been changing its image, and one of the biggest announcements it made was stopping orca breeding last year. The orcas at the park will be the last generation, and they will still receive very special care.

SeaWorld San Diego is located at 500 SeaWorld Drive, San Diego, CA 92109.

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