Kotobukiya’s Velvet Crowe Ani-Statue from Tales of Berseria review

Velvet Crowe Ani-Statue
Kotobukiya is a company known to collectors for its various figures and statues like the Bishoujo and ArtFX line. However, one line that doesn’t get as much attention is the Ani-Statue series, which is based on various anime and video games. From Evangelion to Persona, Kotobukiya has released a great selection of figures to fans for some time now. And one figure that caught my eye since its announcement was the Tales of Berseria Velvet Crowe Ani-Statue.

While Tales of Berseria didn’t exactly blow me away like Symphonia or Vesperia did, it made up for it with awesome characters. Eizen, Magilou and Velvet were able to keep me invested in the game, thanks to their unique personalities and impressive character designs. Velvet plays quite an important role since she’s the first female main character in the series. She is also one of the few main characters who isn’t a swordsman. Velvet does share quite a few similarities with Millia Maxwell from Tales of Xillia. However, her darker tone and outfit actually match her personality in the game, especially with the game’s theme of revenge.

Velvet has been locked away underground like an animal for three years and consumed with revenge against her former mentor, Artorius. Therefore, she isn’t really concerning herself about maintaining her tattered clothes. The piece does a wondrous job of capturing that. Her revealing ruby-red corset is shredded on the side. Her black pants show signs of damage to the point that they have become shorts. In addition, there are multiple belts over her leg. Velvet also wear different accessories including a brooch above her chest, a metal chain on her waist, and her black coat to name a few.

There’s a lot of attention to details on the figure. Velvet is a very complicated character, and this really highlights all the different attributes. Her bandaged arm plays a huge role in the game. It’s not the biggest focus of this piece, but overall, everything comes together perfectly.

Finally, the Ani-Statue comes with a ruby red base that features a werewolf image. It’s fitting, as Velvet’s left arm transforms into that of a werewolf that consumes her enemies. Her right arm conceals a blade within a gauntlet, her main weapon of choice. The blade is very sturdy and looks like it could hide in the gauntlet.

Velvet’s facial expression has a sense of emptiness yet there are still signs of emotion burning inside her. One issue I have is Velvet’s bangs. It doesn’t flow as well as her ponytail and the rest of her hair. It’s only a minor detail that you only notice up close.

While the Tales of Berseria series isn’t a huge name in the West as it is in Japan, it’s still great to see so much effort and detail going into the piece. Overall, this is an extremely well-done figure with exceptional coloring, astounding detail, and most importantly excellent sculpting.

The Velvet Crowe Ani-Statue is now available. But don’t look for it on Kotobukiya’s website since the figures have been selling out. But there might be some good news: You may find orders available for the ArtFX J statue on Entertainment Earth and Amazon.com for $119.99.

Coming Soon

Another piece to keep and eye out for is the Persona 5 Hero ArtFX J statue. It will be releasing in October.

Velvet photo credit: John Nguyen. Velvet Crowe Ani-Statue figure provided by Kotobukiya for review.

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