Edge of Belgravia Professional Knives: Review

If you love food as much as I do, then you would realize the current growing trend of creating new and exciting food. Watching chefs create these wonderful delectable delicious treats makes our mouths water. I’d ask myself, “Can we create these same meals in the comfort of our own homes?” Well if you’re like me… you give it a try.

Any decent cook will tell you that before you even think about trying to recreate your favorite foods in your kitchen, you’ll need the right tools. And no kitchen is complete without a good set of knives. Whether you’re slicing, dicing, carving or chopping, there’s a knife for almost every task you need to do. Edge of Belgravia is a London-based knife company that’s redesigning the way you look at kitchen knives.

The professional four-piece set from Belgravia came with your standard knives that I think are essential to your kitchen, which included a slicing, filleting, chefs and bread knife. The Slicing knife measures seven and a half inches and is perfect for cutting meats such as steak or lamb. The filleting knife, which measures six inches, is great for filleting fish or chicken breasts. The Chef’s knife is, of course, the essential part of your set. It’s your go-to knife for almost everything you need to do in your kitchen. Rounding out the set is the bread knife, which like the name says, is intended to cut all the bread that you’ll ever eat.

Right out of the box, the knives are sharp, not the same sharpness you would find with other higher end knives like sushi knives, but sharp enough for the amateur cook. Using them I was still able to slice through vegetables and meat quite easily. After a few weeks, the edges were still sharp. I would hone the edges occasionally just to make sure my knives were in tiptop shape. 

Knives like these shouldn’t be burdened by being placed inside a kitchen drawer. So complementing them with a knife block will show your guests that you appreciate your fine cutlery. Fortunately enough I was able to pair these precision knives with Belgravia’s “Black Diamond Knife Block.” Now if you think that the knives were gorgeous, just wait until you see the black diamond. This thing was down right beautiful. A minimalistic design that resembles a sort of avant-garde cage, the black diamond can fit up to eleven designs. The openness of the block allows your knives to be displayed on your kitchen counter-top with an exquisite aesthetic that’s pleasing to any eye.

Regardless of your skills in the kitchen, if you’re looking for a set of knives that won’t break the bank but will still give you a precise cutting edge, then I highly recommend the Edge of Belgravia. Sharp, stunning, comfortable and just simply stunning, these knives will cover you need to do in your kitchen.

You can buy your own Edge of Belgravia knives set at https://www.edgeofbelgravia.co.uk/

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