New Switch and Xbox One accessories from Bionik

Bionik, a new video game accessories company, invited us out to an event where it showcased new and upcoming products for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation VR, Xbox One and Oculus.

Nintendo has been doing well with the Nintendo Switch, and people are absolutely in love with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including us. Bionik is going to tap into the market with its upcoming Switch accessories like the Tetra Power and Power Plate Duo.

Nintendo Switch Tetra Power

The Tetra Power is a quad port charging dock for Switch Joy-Con controllers. Here are the features:

  • Unique cross formation charger that allows up to 4 Joy-Con controllers to charge simultaneously.
  • Designed to match the aesthetics of your Nintendo Switch.
  • Weighted base for added stability.
  • Adjustable cable length and storage system.
  • Conveniently attaches to the Nintendo Switch dock for easy use.
  • LED charge status indicators.

Nintendo Switch Power Plate Duo

The Power Plate Duo is a portable battery kit with charging dock for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the features below:

  • Multi-functional device; connect Joy-Cons to create a traditional controller, charge Joy-Cons, or use as a portable backup battery for the Switch console.
  • Charge while you play.
  • Includes dual port power dock for easy recharge and organized storage.
  • Portable Type-C adapters for charging the Switch on the go.
  • Includes custom carrying bags, making it the ideal backup battery for travelers.
  • Li-ion battery pack can fully recharge the Switch or both Joy-cons more than 3X.

Bionik has plenty of ideas to improve on the Xbox One controller. During the event, it displayed three different accessories: Quickshot, Hyper Kit and Elite Kit.

Bionik’s Xbox One Quickshot

The Xbox One Quickshot has custom textured grips with a trigger lock system.


  • Dual setting trigger locks allow for faster shots.
  • Textured grip for better grip and improved control.
  • Easy and effective way to modify your controllers for improved grip and trigger response.
  • Patent pending design.
  • Easy to install, includes installation tool.

Bionik’s Xbox One Hyper Kit

The Xbox One Hyper Kit are high capacity rechargeable batteries with an extra long magnetic charge and play cable.


  • Unique magnetic cable coupling with breakaway safety features.
  • Fits all wireless Xbox One controllers including the new S and Elite Controllers.
  • Includes two 1200 mAh rechargeable battery packs.
  • Magnetic connector with LED charge indicator.
  • High-capacity battery for extended play.
  • 10-foot cable with cable wrap for neat and easy storage.

Bionik’s Xbox One Elite Kit

The Xbox One Elite Kit is a premium metal accessory kit for the Xbox One Elite Controller.


  • Customize your Xbox One Elite controller for improved performance and accuracy.
  • Unique textured surface for better grip and control.
  • ORB circular directional pad is ideal for fighting games.
  • High-quality metal construction.
  • Ergonomically designed to work with the Microsoft Elite Controller.
  • Kit includes 2 small paddles, 2 large paddles, and ORB Circular directional pad.

For more information on Bionik’s video game accessories, visit

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