Season three of 12 Monkeys returns for 3-day special event with more time-twisting, mind-bending thrills

By Jen Lovick

In 2015 – our 2015 – SyFy unveiled 12 Monkeys, a new kind of drama rooted in themes from the short film La Jetée, a fifty-year-old tale thoughtfully re-imagined in the iconic Willis-Pitt time travel thriller, 12 Monkeys. Despite the multitude of similarities and this ardent fan’s apprehension (I mean really, who could replace Pitt as the unforgettable Jeffrey Goines? Oh, just Jennifer Goines, an equally, if not more memorable, character), SyFy’s 12 Monkeys has consistently delivered unbelievably original stories, characters, and fun over two phenomenal seasons.

Not only does 12 Monkeys take us on a journey through time and space, it explores the deepest, darkest depths of the soul, pushing mankind to the breaking point, testing one’s faith in one’s self and in humanity. Big themes, no? Tempered with the humor and charm only Jennifer Goines and Deacon can bring to the screen, viewers have been on one wild ride.

So, with Season Three nearly upon us (and let me just say, it’s a doozy), I’ll try and catch you up with the briefest of recaps – though the Season Three opener does quite a good job of it in its own right!

The post-apocalyptic world of the not too distant future, a planet ravaged by a devastating plague, has a time machine capable of sending someone back through time to stop it from ever happening. Change the past. Save the future. Maybe.

An eclectic cast of characters led by the incomparable Dr. Jones spends much of the first two seasons duking it out with the evil Army of the 12 Monkeys only to find out their true enemy is a far more formidable foe – enter The Witness, the ultimate adversary with a one-track mind, destroy time. NO BIG DEAL. Season Two ended on a high note with a baby announcement! The Witness just happens to be the love child of Cole and Cassie (duh duh duh!). Thank goodness Cole was left in the dark on this one, who knows how he’d react!

On top of that bombshell, Cassie, Deacon, Jennifer, and Ramse are all but lost, stranded on Titan most likely. Or are they? Something Cole is determined to find out. He doesn’t do well when separated from the ones he cares about.

Season Three of 12 Monkeys airs over three nights starting 5/19, a binge-worthy extravaganza that will easily satisfy any fan of the show. Buckle up kiddos, you’re in for a real treat.

Here are my thoughts after seeing the first four episodes:

We finally find out what happens to Cassie who now knows she’s carrying the child who will one day be The Witness. Naturally, lots of questions might pop up, like who’s going to raise the child? What will the nursery look like? Does Cassie have a say? Will Cassie even get to stick around? Rest assured you will get answers to most of these questions. Oh, and the seriously HUGE elephant in the room: how will Cole react if and when he finds out about the child? Stay tuned!

Season One introduced us to Cole and Ramse, more brothers than friends. Season Two emphasized the importance of motherly relationships. Season Three? Thus far, it seems the writers have done a tremendous job of creating an even more intricate web of relationships from which they can pluck, pull, stretch, and break, testing characters in ways we’d rather they didn’t. There are some absolutely heart-wrenching moments (be sure to have some tissues handy unless you want to end up a blubbering mess like me). I can’t even begin to imagine what the rest of the season will be like.

Don’t think for one second, though, it’s all drama, drama, drama. 12 Monkeys have always expertly weaved humor throughout even the most intense of scenes and night one of Season Three doesn’t disappoint. Complete with multiple musical interludes starring the one, the only Jennifer Goines. I can’t say more here, but she firmly reminds us she is one-of-a-kind. Oh, and the darling Deacon? I have to say, I adored him before, but after seeing these four episodes, I’d happily be the Damsel in Distress to his Prince Charming. He has a heck of an epic hero moment, gotta love that guy.

Oh, and I’m sure you’re wondering, does the band ever get back together or will Cole, Cassie, Ramse, Jennifer, and Deacon be forever adrift, lost in the oceans of time and space? I’ll leave you with this: Reunited and it feels so good (thank you Peaches & Herb).

Well, rather than drone on telling you the 1,000+ reasons why you should tune into Season Three of 12 Monkeys, just go watch it!

Season Three 12 Monkeys returns 5/19, the first night of a 3-day event on SyFy.

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