Into the Badlands 2×08 ‘Sting of the Scorpion’s Tail’ recap & review

Eleanor Matsuura as Baroness Chau – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

Into the Badlands Recap

Baron Hassan’s fort is being attacked by the butterflies. The butterflies surround him as he runs for it. He is then killed by the Widow.

Sunny and MK are waiting for Bajie to negotiate with some smugglers to get through to the wall to the Badlands. MK and Sunny don’t trust the situation, which annoys Bajie since he helped them with so much. MK and Sunny follow Bajie onto the bus taking them through the wall.

During the trip in the wall, they are stopped by Baron Chau’s men, who plan to take all the people on the bus as cogs. MK, Sunny, and Bajie refuse to get off the bus. Baron Chau’s clippers attack the bus with arrows. One of Chau’s men walk into the bus and welcomes them to the Badlands.

The Widow and the butterflies enter Quinn’s fort and present him with Baron Hassan’s head, while Quinn presents her with Baron Broadmore. The Widow asks Quinn who are in the other boxes. Quinn tells her Broadmore’s family – his wife and children. Tilda and Widow are angry that Quinn would kill innocent lives. Tilda acts on it and threatens Quinn with a knife. The Widow tells Tilda to stand down. Quinn and the Widow go off to talk about their plans. Tilda turns around and sees Veil and Lydia.

Chau’s Clippers place the prisoners in cages. Bajie and Sunny are placed in the same cage with MK trapped crossed from them. Sunny calls to a clipper and asks to see Chau because she is going to want to see him. Sunny then shows his tattoos.

Sunny is taken to Chau in her fancy home. Chau tells him that Sunny has returned to the Badlands in a horrible state. Chau tells him Quinn and Widow have teamed up to kill off the Barons. Chau offers Sunny a job to be her Regent. He tells her he’s done fighting for barons and proposes another agreement. Sunny says he’ll be able to get the Widow and kill Quinn.

Meanwhile, at the train station, Tilda is shocked to see Veil back with Quinn and apologizes for it. Veil accuses the Widow of being treacherous, but Tilda defends her mother. Veil asks why is the Widow working with Quinn then.

Sunny is dressed as Chau’s Regent as he calls for MKrelease and says MK is the key to getting the Widow. The Widow believes that MK still has his powers, but he does not. Sunny proceeds to cut MK to prove it. MK is angry and confused to why Sunny would do so. Bajie asks about his freedom. Chau said Bajie isn’t part of the deal. Bajie is annoyed as he saved Sunny’s life and Sunny is abandoning him. Sunny tells him he needs to find Veil. Bajie tells him off as Sunny slips a knife into Bajie’s shirt pocket.

Sunny tells Chau that they must use one of her men to pretend to deflect to the Widow. There, he will tell the Widow that Chau has a boy named MK who she is trading to the River King for supplies. Her Clipper agrees to it. Chau doesn’t trust Sunny, but she said that if Sunny kills Quinn, they all win.

Quinn is eating a steak with Lydia and Veil. He tells them that he plans to make Henry his rightful heir to his baronship. He tells Veil that they will be married to make it official. Lydia is annoyed and in shock at his announcement. Veil said she doesn’t want this, but Quinn threatens that he will raise Henry alone.

Bajie is alone in the cage and angry at Sunny, He finds the knife in his pocket and forgives Sunny. He unlocks the cage with the key and spies on the clippers. He sees a motorcycle and steals it to escape. As he escapes, he sees MK being taken away in a car. He follows it.

The Widow and her Butterflies are back home. Tilda comes in angry at her mother for turning Veil into Quinn. The Widow tells her that Veil’s life doesn’t matter as much as the allegiance to Quinn because of his forces, the butterflies aren’t killed.

Chau’s Clipper is brought in by the Widow’s men as a deflector. The clipper tells the Widow that all the cogs are fleeing and Chau knows she’s not going to win the war. The Widow presses for the truth. The Clipper then reveals about MK being sold to the River King for supplies. Tilda is happy to hear that MK is still alive.

Veil is preparing to get married to Quinn. Lydia is prepping Veil for the wedding. Veil is crying that she cannot do this. Lydia promises her that she will find a way out for them. Quinn and Veil partake in the ceremony as Lydia officiates. Veil hands Henry to Lydia. Veil and Quinn away together.

As Sunny and MK head to the river in the car, MK confronts Sunny about his deal with Chau. Sunny tells MK to follow his lead and gives him a knife. They end up at the port. Butterflies surround the fort and attack Chau’s clippers. The Widow takes MK and she gives him to Tilda, who have a moment. Sunny then has a knife to the Widow’s neck. The Widow is shocked to see him. The Widow tells him that she will tell him where Veil and Henry are if he helps her. Sunny and MK team up with the Widow and her butterflies to take down Chau’s men. Bajie watches from the window.

The Widow keeps her word and takes Sunny to where Quinn is.

Meanwhile, on their wedding night, Veil and Quinn begin to undress. Lydia is taking care of Henry and realizes something. She sees Quinn’s men are distracted with drinking and leaves. One of the men notices and finds her. Just then, Gabriel informs them that they received word that Sunny is alive and working with the Widow. Lydia takes this opportunity to inform Quinn, who stops what he is doing with Veil and leaves. Veil is so happy to learn Sunny is alive.

Orla Brady as Lydia – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC


That was a close one for Veil. I felt all levels of disgust on behalf of her after learning that Quinn wanted to marry her. It felt like a slap in the face when he began to undress her as well. Thankfully, Lydia saved the day by informing Quinn of Sunny’s reappearance.

It’s pretty surprising to learn that Lydia is a prisoner in Quinn’s fort. The last time we saw her, it seemed she had fallen into place beside Quinn. Now, we learn that she’s a prisoner too. I’m not sure what to make of Lydia and her relationship with Quinn. I know it’s not healthy, especially with him taking on a second wife after everything he put Lydia through with Jade. I really hope that Lydia is the one to kill Quinn and with Veil pushing the knife further in.

Sunny seems to be making more and more enemies. One day, he’s going to have all of them coming for him and his family. So far: Quinn, the River King, mine boss, Nas, Nathaniel Moon, the Abbotts, and now, Chau. We all know that we will see them all again.

I’m still waiting on Waldo’s rage against the Widow for turning Veil to Quinn. I’m completely shocked that they didn’t show any of that. Instead, they showed Tilda’s guilt. This could be a turning point for both Tilda and Waldo against the Widow. Fortunately, after finding Sunny, the Widow may be turning against Quinn now that she has “MK’s powers” on her side. Little does she know, he doesn’t have them anymore. Things are going to get interesting.

Bajie was last seen watching Sunny, MK, the Widow, and her butterflies battling Chau’s men. A lot of people are saying that Widow is Flea, Bajie’s protege at the temple. Honestly, she probably is since she knows so much about the temple and MK’s powers. Also, her fighting skill is pretty amazing. Now, we just need them to see each other and it’ll be confirmed.

MK and Tilda’s reunion was so brief but so cute. I wonder how Odessa is going to feel about this. #TeamMKilda

Everything seems to be falling into place for Sunny to exact his revenge on Quinn and take back Veil and Henry. With only two episodes left, we can only expect lots of action and death.

Please, no more Quinn touching Veil scenes. I don’t think my stomach can handle it. I’m going to need Sunny to step in and stop all of this.

Into the Badlands airs on Sundays at 10 pm on AMC.

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