Red Lantern Escape Rooms’ Midnight on the Bayou transports you into a carnival-like reunion

The usual escape rooms give you one hour to figure out puzzles and escape to freedom. Red Lantern Escape Rooms (Brea, Orange County) is doing things differently. Its new escape room, Midnight on the Bayou, will have a small group of 12 or less solving puzzles together in order to free spirits. The set is huge and very elaborate, transporting guests into a Bayou High reunion filled with carnival delights. The room makes great use of hidden wonders and intricate, clever puzzles. (There’s one that makes you feel like a character inside an Edgar Allan Poe story.)

Synopsis: You haven’t set foot in Bayou High since graduation, but this carnival-themed reunion sounded fun. Though it is a little strange they’re holding the event on the old Boudreau property at the edge of the swamp, where decades ago several students died in a barn fire. And it is odd that all the carnival workers are mysteriously absent, with the exception of your reunion host who keeps nervously glancing at that creepy old chest…

I was able to try the new escape room with the Nerd Reactor team. We are somewhat veterans with escape rooms and are always excited to try out a new room. Upon entering Midnight on the Bayou, I was amazed at the size of the room, decoration, lighting, and the colorful props. Look out for a gator, beating heart, and many hidden surprises inside the New Orleans-inspired room.

Credit: Red Lantern Escape Rooms

Credit: Red Lantern Escape Rooms

The Magician Will Be Your Host for Tonight’s Festivities

Some escape rooms will feature an actor. Here a magician/host greets our group, who is actually the game’s designer by the name of Roy Davis (reminds me of Jerome in Fox’s Gotham). He will help guide the group and will only give a hint if we’re able to solve the hint puzzle. Our group had to split up to tackle the many puzzles spread across the room. Your main task is to free the ghosts who died from the fire. If you’re able to free each one, you’ll be in for a treat. The ghost’s freedom comes complete with sound effects and visual cues.

I always appreciate a room that doesn’t require a lot of padlocks to open up a container hiding a clue. Midnight on the Bayou has a nice balance of puzzles being locked behind padlocks and complex and interactive mechanisms. These mechanisms really add to the immersion of being on the bayou.

My favorite types of escape rooms are horror escape rooms. Red Lantern Escape Rooms’ Midnight on the Bayou isn’t really horror, but it’s definitely one of my favorite escape rooms to date. The story, puzzles, and the amusement park sets make this a unique and exciting experience.

As for tips, communication is very important. And always share what you have completed or haven’t completed. This help others take a crack at the puzzle or know when to leave them alone.

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