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If I yelled the name “Epic Lloyd” at you, would you know who I was talking about? How about if I yelled at you “Epic Rap Battles of History!” would you then know what I’m yelling about? If you didn’t already know, EpicLLOYD has been a huge part of Epic Rap Battles of History since its inception. The famous Darth Vader vs. Hitler episode of ERB was one of the reasons it was put on the pop culture map. (He played the part of Hitler in that bit which was quite hilarious.) He’s also had his own show which was called Dis Raps for Hire where he answers people’s requests to diss someone else. All the rhymes and beats in each of those episodes alongside ERB have finally led to Epic Lloyd getting his own 13-episode series on YouTube called Epic Studios.

From the trailer below, it looks like EpicLLOYD is on an epic journey to save his studios from an epic failure. You can see his rap game in full effect along with his acting chops on his YouTube page! The best part about this is that it’s free and you don’t have to access YouTube Red to watch it!

EpicLLOYD, or Lloyd Ahlquist, has been an actor and avid member of Epic Rap Battles of History throughout the seasons. Not only is he a talented actor, but he’s also a very talented rap lyricist. He has written the raps in ERB along with his fellow on-screen rival, Nice Peter. They also occasionally have artists come on the show and play other characters in history to rap battle against. If you want to check out ERB or have only heard about it now, then check out their YouTube page here at ERB.

And here’s episode one of Epic Studios titled “Shoulda Googled It”

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