The wait is over. Doctor Who’s Petrichor is real

Petrichor: For the girl who is tired of waiting…

Doctor Who fans! The wait is over! Now, you could get your hands on the perfume advertised by Amy Pond herself, Petrichor. In the Doctor Who episode ‘Closing Time’, the Eleventh Doctor worked in the department store and saw the ad for Petrichor, which had Amy as the model.

By Viromnibus
The world where I stood was a desert
longing for a kiss that never came.
Not until you did.

Many fans wondered if the BBC would ever license it to make it real? Well, they did.

The perfume, which is named after the smell of dust after rain, is now available by Demeter Fragrance. Demeter Fragrance describes Petrichor as a “very special earthy scent created when rain falls on dry soil.”

The Doctor would approve.

To purchase your own Petrichor, click here.

About Demeter Fragrance:

Demeter was conceived in 1996, with a unique and ever expanding perspective on fragrance.  The original mission was to capture the beautiful smells of the garden and nature in wearable form. The Demeter name itself was inspired by the Greek Goddess of Agriculture. The first three fragrances were Dirt, Grass and Tomato, and were sold in a few stores in NYC. 

Today, with fragrances from Baby Powder and Pure Soap to Gin & Tonic, Play-Doh, Vanilla Cake Batter and even Pizza, we have radically expanded our olfactory goals and geographic reach.  Not only can you now buy Demeter fragrances from Apple Blossom to Zombie, but you can buy them from New York to Beijing, and from Moscow to London.

About Doctor Who

Since 1963, Doctor Who has graced television with the story of a Time Lord called The Doctor. The Doctor, along with his companions, travel through time and space for adventure and helping people along the way. The series is now in its tenth season of the New Doctor Who series. Doctor Who airs on Saturdays on BBC One and BBC America.

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