Give your PlayStation 4 console a woody makeover

In this day and age, when it comes to video games, we do almost everything we can to make gameplay much more enjoyable. These include wearable devices that make you feel the game, high definition monitors, high frame rates, and the list goes on. But the most important factor that we hold higher than anything is the customization of our beloved consoles. Whether it’s a PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch or an Xbox One, we want to customize our gaming platform to represent who we are as gamers.

Now there’s no denying that when it comes to customizations. PCs are the Holy Grail, and console gamers can do nothing but sit back and grit their teeth, as we are limited to what we can customize. With that said, I’m the proud owner of a PS4. It’s the only thing I use for gaming, and I’ve seen some serious modifications to a PS4. And I know that not a lot of people can afford those types of modifications. The most affordable option for us “console” gamers is to use overlay skins. With skins, we can simply give our consoles a carbon fiber look, or a picture of our favorite superhero. The options are endless, but what about those who don’t want a simple sticker to cover their console?

Enter Toast, a company that takes console skins to the next level. While most companies offer a printed sticker that fits your console. Toast makes their skins from real wood. So not only will your console look spectacular, but it will also add a new element of feel.

Application of the Toast skin is easy. When receiving your skin, everything needed to apply is included. It didn’t take long to add the new wood cover to my PS4, and once I was done, I was in awe on how gorgeous my PS4 looks. Gone is the standard black color that blends with my furniture. Now my PlayStation stands regal, commanding admiration to those that see it. You can’t help but look at the PS4 in a different way. The real wood masterfully streamlined with the design of the PlayStation 4. You can tell that Toast takes pride in the covers they make for your gaming console.

For those who want to pick up a wood cover for their console but have the need to add another element can do so with a few options from Toast. Toast can laser etch simple text or intricate designs to their wooden covers. So when you order one, have at it. Make your console resemble your favorite movie, quote or even video game character. The options are limitless; just make it represent who you are.

You can order your Toast skin at

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