Outsiders 2×13 ‘Unbroken Chain’ recap & review

Outsiders‘ season finale aired tonight with multiple cliffhangers for a potential unknown renewal. With WGN America rebranding their network and canceling their most popular series, Outsiders will need to find a new home and hopefully will. This show is just so fantastic with their storylines and character development. It’d be a shame to end it in this way. What is going to happen to Hasil? Will Wade get his job back? Will One Planet finally be exposed? Who is going to rule Shay Mountain? How did Elon’s body get to the coal pond?

There are just too many unanswered questions. We must demand another season or have another network take this show because this needs to end on their own terms. It cannot end this way.

Lil Foster has finally revealed his love for G’win, but she cannot leave her post as bren’in. I would love for them to have a happy ending with their baby girl. I’d love to see Wade as sheriff with his new girlfriend. I want Hasil and Sally-Ann to celebrate the birth of their child. I want Krake and Shurn to finally get together. And, I want Haylie to be avenged. But, we cannot have that until the series is picked up by another channel.

We finally realized the symbolism of Elon. He represented the mountain and once he saved the mountain, his spirit could finally be free, which is why we saw his body found. There is so much spirit on this show that makes the supernatural feel real. Now, the mountain is all in Phelia, who looks on at her clan fighting. Maybe Phelia is the future child of Lil and G’win who watches over them. We never learned anything about her except the fact that she watches everything that happens on the mountain.

Poor Wade may lose his job, so he has to figure out a way to end One Planet and Matt for good by exposing them. It’s good to see Gordon on the Farrells and Wade’s side, even though he was a pretentious prick earlier. In the end, Gordon got the last laugh and moved on to his next target. If not Wade, then hopefully Ledda will step in and do something.

Overall, the season finale did end in a cliffhanger because we are wondering what is going to happen to the Farrells. There’s a civil war brewing and we have no clue how they are going to fix it.

Please come back to us, Outsiders. If you are a fan, you could message different networks to pick up Outsiders. If possible, please sign this petition: https://www.change.org/p/paula-askanas-outsiders-shay-must-stay. Let’s bring back Shay Mountain.


Outsiders‘ season finale begins with Phelia is running through the woods during a windstorm and run into Elon and the three wolves.

Hasil is hiking up the mountain in the storm to get to his people. G’win looks out into the storm and turns to see Lady Ray sitting by the fire.

Big and his men are around the fire pit talking about what they plan to do – blow up the outsider’s machines. They ask if G’win is okay with this. Big tells them they no longer listen to her.

Wade tells the town’s lawyer about Haylie’s death and how she was set up. He tells him to be careful and to collect all the evidence before confronting them.

Wade then follows Matt Meyer and sees Gordon and Matt meet for a talk. Wade tells Ledda about the case regarding Gordon. Ledda gave him all the information that she knows about Gordon. Wade researches him and finds his crime record.

Lil Foster visits G’win to talk to her about Big Foster. G’win said she can’t stop Big Foster. Lil tells her he loves her and he wants her to come with him so they can raise their baby together. G’win tells him that the baby is a girl. Lil Foster asks her to leave her oath as bren’in and leave with him. She tells him she can’t.

Wade visits Matt to let him know that the Haylie Grimes death is going to process through. Matt is relieved. Wade then brings up Gordon, who threw the coal dust on Haylie during the parade. Matt tells Wade that he doesn’t know Gordon. Wade then confronts Matt on meeting with Gordon last night. Matt says it’s for a secret mission because the Farrells took dynamite from the construction site. Wade freaks out because no one told him this.

Hasil visits G’win and tells her he saw a premonition that called him to come back to the mountain. G’win tasks Hasil to find the dynamite that Big is hiding. Hasil joins Big and his crew as they are talking about their plans. Big asks Hasil if he brought his lostie clothes with him. They send him down the mountain on a motorbike in his lostie clothes to have him visit the construction site to scope out the terrain. He sees a military helicopter land on the site. Hasil returns to the mountain and tells Big everything he saw.

Gordon visits Wade while he is in his police car. Gordon tells Wade that he didn’t kill Haylie but they both know who did. Gordon explains to Wade his meeting with Matt – Gordon has to gain trust and intel from the Farrells, ensure that the Farrells do something illegal, and so forth, in order to not get turned into the FBI. Gordon tells Wade that One Planet will get theirs soon because he has the evidence that One Planet poisoned the Farrells’ land. Gordon gives Wade the information and then leaves town.

Hasil tells G’win about what he saw and wants to work with Big and his men to destroy the military base. G’win is angry with him for siding with Big and demands that he leave.

Wade is talking to the ATF about keeping the Farrells stealing the dynamite. They give him the official word about it and call the Farrells domestic terrorists and they are targeting One Planet. Wade is annoyed and tell them that’s not the Farrells’ MO.

Wade returns home to find Ledda’s cell phone charging. He takes the last number she called to Donnie who tries to find the number that was dialed. The number led to a person who went up the mountain several times.

During a circle meeting, G’win makes a speech about continuing their life in peace on the mountain. She calls Big Foster out for stealing dynamite and planning to use it against the coal people. G’win calls for the immediate banishment for Big Foster. Big tells the circle that Hasil saw the military planning to attack them. Big explains that they need to attack. Krake takes the talking stick, which he uses to reject Big. Others begin speaking for Big Foster, including the Elders. They tell Big that if he fails, he must be banished without a trial. Big agrees, but he promises there will be change if he succeeds and returns. Big and his men pack the dynamite and leave for their mission.

Wade is looking at the map of the mountain and tries to figure out why Gordon went up there three times. Wade tells Ledda that Gordon told One Planet that the Farrells are attacking them tonight. Wade tells Ledda and the girls to stay in the house until he returns.

Big and his crew arrives at the military construction site. They don’t see any guards and head in. There is construction crew who see something is going on inside their building. The ATF head inside to find their computers have been hacked by Gordon. Meanwhile, security sees Farrells entering and prep to attack them. As Big and his men head towards the building, the ATF lights come on and shine on them, revealing their location. The ATF begin shooting at them. Big tells the men to retreat, but they are stuck. Wade sees them from the top of the hill and yells at them to run. Three of Big’s men die. Hasil is shot. Big takes Hasil out of the firing zone. Wade comes to save Hasil. Big wants to shoot Wade, but Lil Foster gets in the way and tells Big that he trusts Wade. Wade takes Hasil to his home. Wade calls Ledda to bring her nurse friend to the house to take care of Hasil.

As Big, Phil’Up, and Lil Foster head towards the other way back to Shay Mountain, they end up at the mountain area that Lil Foster dreamt about. Big asks them how many sticks of dynamite they have and plans on using it. He tells Lil and Phil’Up to head back to the mountain as Big lights it up. He rushes back to them but is hit by the rocks from the explosion. Big is fine, but he cannot go back to the mountain. They suddenly see Elon walking on the mountain. They see rocks begin to shake opening the dam of coal pond black water to flow towards the military base. Big thanks Elon for being able to stop the military base.

Wade walks back to his office and is bothered by the press who see that coal pond black waste water destroyed the ATF base as well as flowed into the town’s river drinking water. We learned that Ned, from season 1, became a whistleblower against One Planet declaring that One Planet knew about the black water and ignored safety violations.

Sally-Ann watches the news and becomes nervous when she heard gunfire was exchanged. Matt watches from his office looking horrified. They find the body of Elon, who authorities identify as a young unknown boy.

Matt asks to speak to Wade in his office. Matt shows Wade map documents of the jailbreak that has Wade’s fingerprints all over it. Matt then suspends Wade from his duties as sheriff.

Gordon mail Wade and Ledda the USB with all of the information.

Hasil is resting from his gun wound. Ledda’s nurse friend tells her that they must take him to the hospital because he has an infection and may die. They call an ambulance.

G’win calls a circle to banish Big for the deaths of four of their people. Big tells them that he destroyed the militants’ war machines after seeing Elon. Phil’Up attests to seeing Elon. Big then tells the circle that he is the rightful bren’in. Instead of allowing Big to take her staff, G’win passes her staff to the father of her child – Lil Foster. Big and everyone begins fighting as G’win held back. Lil Foster takes the staff and breaks it. Fighting ensues among the clan. G’win begins to feel labor pains.

Phelia blankly watches all of the commotions from outside.

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