Checking out KontrolFreek’s PlayStation 4 thumbstick extenders

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people are gamers, and when it comes to online gaming, players are always looking for an advantage over their opponents. Console gamers, this is for you, because I know you’re sick and tired of seeing the advances in peripheral technology that PC gamers get. We’re stuck with our controllers with no real place to go. We’ve thought about buying a third party controller, but sometimes that doesn’t quite work out. So then what? Well KontrolFreek has a solution for that. They can take your standard controller and upgrade it simply with their thumbsticks. I had the privilege to try KontrolFreek’s Gamerpack Alpha and their FPSFreek Edge, and as a heavy Overwatch player, I was excited.

KontrolFreek’s Gamerpack Alpha

The GamerPack Alpha comes with a low-rise and mid-rise thumbstick attachment. Designed to reduce wrist, hand and thumb fatigue, the Alpha works well for games like FIFA 17, Destiny, Overwatch, GTA 5 and NBA2k17. The low-rise attachment is designed mainly for comfort so you can play your games longer. The mid-rise attachment is for agility. So for FPS gamers, the mid-rise is intended to increase your maneuverability.

Prior to adding the GamerPack Alpha, I went a few rounds in Overwatch to get a baseline idea of how my play skill was. I set my focus on what the KontrolFreek is intended to increase such as control, fatigue, maneuvering and grip. After a few rounds, I got a pretty good idea as to where I was within those four points. I added the Alpha thumb sticks and went a few more rounds, and I did notice a significant difference.

My K/D ratio in Overwatch increased. I was able to maneuver and aim with accuracy in a more responsive manner. And most importantly I realized that I had no fatigue or cramping within my hands. I increased the range of motion on my thumbsticks. The GamerPack Alpha gave me the advantage that I needed in a high stakes game of Overwatch.

FPSFreek Edge

So now that I’m absolutely tearing it up in Overwatch ever since I added the GamerPack Alpha thumbsticks. I wanted to see if I can gain an even bigger advantage. Enter the FpsFreek Edge, which features a low-rise and a high-rise hybrid stick. Now, of course, the low-rise stick will be for comfort, and the high-rise hybrid will increase your accuracy.

Here came the moment of truth. I swapped out the Alpha and added the Edge, and back to Overwatch I went. Did it substantially change my gameplay? Did my accuracy increase again? The answer to that is yes. Yes, it did. I didn’t think that the Edge would make a difference compared to the Alpha, but I was surprised that it did. It didn’t increase it substantially, but I did notice the difference.


When it comes to gaming, we gamers treat it like a sport. We always want a way to get an advantage over our opponents and get the upper hand. We want a way to let people know just who exactly is the best. Of course, by adding extended thumbsticks it won’t take you to god level playing, but it can help you just enough where maybe, just maybe, your opponent will deserve a quick tea bag, because you’ve owned at such a high level, that you’re now the alpha.

If you’re serious about your gaming, I highly recommend that you pick up a pair of KontrolFreek analog extenders and start dominating in your favorite game.

The KontrolFreek GamerPack Alpha and FpsFreek Edge can be purchased at starting at $14.99.

The product was provided by KontrolFreek for review.

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