Outsiders 2×12 ‘What Must Be Done’ recap & review

Update: Title was incorrect. Title is What Must Be Done.


Here comes the sheriff

The National Guard has gotten involved with the town regarding the Farrells. Wade sees them build a blockage.

Wade sees Haylie’s body in the morgue. The coroner declares it was a suicide based on the evidence. Wade is in disbelief. He checks out the hotel and finds a suicide note on her laptop and her locked phone.

Wade is interviewing the people in Haylie’s office about Haylie’s behavior before she died. Wade asks to see Haylie’s emails, but he is turned down. He then asks Matt about the jars, but Matt pretends he doesn’t know what happened. Wade returns to Haylie’s hotel room to find any evidence that Haylie may have hidden. He finds pepper near the toilet seat and checks the salt and pepper shakers to find the samples. He then goes to the evidence room and asks Donnie to hack into Haylie’s phone. He finds photos of the mountain, including photos of the dead animals and plants from the poison. He gets the soil tested, which shows the soil has been poisoned with soome bad stuff that will last for years.

Wade then looks through Haylie’s coroner report that indicates she died from suicide, but notices she had a bump on her head a few minutes before she died. The coroner explains that is normal for a suicide in the shower. Wade goes back to her hotel to find any indentation in the shower, but finds nothing. He then sees the table has a crack and contains a hair of Haylie’s.

The Mountain Speaks

Lil Foster wakes up to a barren land that looks destroyed. He sees Elon walking and follows him. Elon hands him Lil Foster’s drawing and he sees the land that he drew in person. He then turns to Elon, who disappeared.

He wakes up back in the forest with Big Foster. His motorcycle died and they walk up the mountain.

Matt makes a statement on Haylie’s death to Don, the owner of One Planet, and the lieutenant governor. They start to interrogate Matt over the recent problems that happened since he was assigned – the fence, the hacking, the robbery, and the breakout. Matt resigns from his position and wants federal support to take over the mountain. Matt said if he were to keep his position, he would be able to implement his plan to take the mountain.

Gordon is being interrogated by the men who kidnapped him and Matt. They negotiate with Gordon to work for them or else they will arrest him. Gordon makes his way up the mountain and is brought to the community. G’win tells him he’s intruding on their land. He tells them he has been fighting the big coal for years and that One Planet is after them. He warns them that One Planet will blow up a part of their mountain.

The council talks about what they want to do. G’win tells them to check if Gordon is telling the truth. Gordon takes them to the site where the dynamite is held. Big doesn’t trust Gordon.

Lil and Big tells Gordon to leave. Gordon begins to reveal his past discretions, but Big threatens him. Gordon then shows images of what One Planet has planned for the mountain. He reveals he was working for the coal company, but he wants to take them down with the Farrell’s help.

G’win doesn’t want to attack the coal people, but Big and Lil want to. She asks them to not do anything.

Big visits G’win and asks for her blessing to steal the dynamite. Big wants to do it for the future of the clan and their baby. She rejects him and releases him from their union. He yells at her for doing it and leaves heartbroken.

Gordon and the Farrells go to the site and distract the dog. Big and Lil shoot the cameras out with their slingshots. Security men come out to check out on the cameras. Big then distracts them while Gordon and Lil break through the fence to the room with the dynamite. They pack all of the stuff in the box. Another security guard comes out and finds the dog passed out from the food. He heads towards the building with the dynamite and demands they come outside. Gordon comes outside with his hands up and declares that he was kidnapped and the other guy is inside. The security guard heads towards Lil in the building. Lil prepares to shoot, but Gordon then knocks the security guard out. He tells the Farrells, “Trust me now?”

Gordon shows the Farrells how to use the explosives as he heads back down the mountain. Lil doesn’t trust him still and confronts him on leaving the bomb up with them to handle. Gordon tells him that he cares about the mountain and then leaves.

Gordon is back in the interrogation room with Matt and the interrogator. Gordon tells them that he gained the Farrells’ trust. Gordon tells them that if the Farrells blow up One Planet’s offices, then the FBI will get involved with the ‘terrorist act’. He said he could get the Farrells to do it. Gordon says he doesn’t care about the Farrells. He only cares about the Earth.

G’win is feeding the chickens and Big visits her to tell her that they stole the dunamite. He said he did what had to be done and that is his reason for returning to the mountain. He tells her that she is not his bren’in. G’win declares that Big will be the destroyer of this mountain. Big said there is a war and he intends to win it. Big walks away with a determined look on his face.

Home is calling

Sally-Ann and Hasil are having sex when they are interrupted by the National Guard bringing more barricades up the mountain. Hasil thinks something must have happened because the family doesn’t do runs for water and food. Sally-Ann tells him that they will be alright. Hasil is worried about money since there are more police out to catch his fights, but Sally-Ann tells him to let her worry about it.

Sally-Ann meets with Zack at the bar. He gives her a note with an address for a bigger fight since their town is on guard. Zack tells her these guys are professionals, so Hasil better be ready.

Butch visits Sally-Ann and Hasil and apologizes for his behavior. Butch says he doesn’t have many friends and he wants to make it right. Butch lets Sally-Ann and Hasil borrow his car. Hasil lets Butch tag along as his right-hand man.

Hasil is training with Butch for his fight with some workout drills. Butch shows a video of the huge guy that Hasil will be fighting to learn his fighting strategies.

Hasil and Butch head to the fight in Tennessee and sees it’s a huge cage match event. The fight seems to be even, but the opponent gets the upperhand. Hasil sees the image of his dead cousin Enoch in the crowd and gets up. He then tries to fight the opponent, but gets knocked out. Butch brings a large sum of money to Hasil and Sally-Ann at their home, because Butch bet on the other guy. Hasil then tells Sally-Ann that he saw his kin in the crowd staring at him from the cage like they needed him. Sally-Ann pauses and tells Hasil to go to them. Hasil says he can’t just leave Sally-Ann and he doesn’t know what’s going on up there. Sally-Ann tells him he has to go and she’ll be here when he gets back. They have a tender moment and he leaves back to the mountain.


First off, I’d like to say again how awesome of a police officer Wade is. He certainly deserves his title Sheriff title for all the detective work to find out what really happened to Haylie. I’m quite amazed. I’m also quite happy that he’s closer to finding out the truth and hopefully expose the One Planet people.

But, after that meeting with Don and the lieutenant governor, I’m starting to think Matt acted out on his own and they had nothing to do with the poisoning. If caught, they could and would put all the blame on Matt, unless he’s able to finally get them off the mountain. Using Gordon was a great idea, because that guy was shady from the beginning. He probably was one of those guys who pretended to be an activist to get the ladies. It’s weird how he said he wants to protect the Earth, but then turn his back on the people who actually love their land. This indicated to me that he was just a conman. I’m really shocked and, yet, impressed on how easy it was for him to lie. I’m already going to call it… Gordon is going to end up dead.

Let’s talk a bit about Big and G’win. She rightfully turned him down by dissolving their marriage, which brought out the worst in Big. It is true that he is not a good man without her, because he just kept making the wrong decisions after she turned him away. Now, he’s onto the next stage of the break-up, anger. He is resentful towards her and is now turning away from her bren’inship. This is just going to get worse.

But, I am glad that Hasil is returning home and fight the good fight with his kin. He’s always had a good head on his shoulders, so I really hope that he knocks some sense into his cousins.

With one more episode left, I have no idea what to expect. I don’t know if it will end in a cliffhanger like last season, only now, we don’t know the fate of the series since WGN America recently cancelled the series. The show is being shopped around, as it is the highest rated series on the WGN America network, but nothing has been confirmed. Hopefully, Outsiders will get another season to play with because if the season finale ends with a cliffhanger and no follow up, it’d be the worst. THE WORST. And, if I know Peter Mattei’s work, it’s going to end with a cliffhanger. So, I’m begging Sony or Netflix or Hulu to pick up the series. Please.

Outsiders season finale airs next week on WGN America.

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