Should Nintendo make a ‘Mini Switch’?

Nintendo Switch Mini Switch
Nintendo made clear with the Switch launch that the new hybrid console is not a replacement for the 3DS. Of course, years ago Nintendo said the DS would not replace the Game Boy, and look what happened there.

If fans bought the idea the Switch and 3DS can co-exist, they might want to change their mind soon. According to an article on Bloomberg (via PCMag), the Switch is going to be joined by a “Mini Switch” in 2019.

“Analysts at Citigroup Inc. believe the existing Switch hardware is simply too big to be a comfortable portable gaming platform for all people. In particular, they see it as being a bad fit for children due to both its size and weight. With that in mind, Citigroup believes Nintendo will release a smaller version of the Switch ‘in the fiscal year through March 2019.'”

“Rather than a smaller version of the Switch outright, Citigroup suggests this Mini Switch would be a dedicated portable device. So compatible, but not the hybrid like the Switch.”

If the new Switch is a portable non-hybrid, then the 3DS is definitely over, right? One YouTuber named Gamestork already predicts the 3DS will be over in 2018 because the upcoming games are all releasing this year.

Here Is This Writer’s Interpretation

Nintendo will keep saying the 3DS is alive until it is clear the Switch has completely taken over. Many fans already do not see the point of the 3DS, if “home console quality” portable gaming is found on the Switch. Also, analysts are right to assume the current Switch is too big for younger kids. A dedicated portable would be less confusing and easier to carry.

Focusing on one console with two variations can benefit Nintendo. Parents will not wonder if Switch games are compatible with the Switch. All new Nintendo games on store shelves can simply be Switch compatible.

All the recent news on Switch sales does appear in its favor too. Writers are predicting it could even surpass the ultra-popular Wii from 2006.

In addition, the 3DS is just not a powerful system compared to the Switch. Nintendo might be right to place all their eggs in the Switch basket at some point and completely abandon the 3DS, but it is still early.

Nevertheless, when the 3DS reaches the end of its life, it will be a sad day. The “no glasses” 3D aspect at the time truly made it unique, and the dual screen gameplay helped too. The 3DS was a total success.

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