EVE Valkyrie’s new free update, ‘Groundrush,’ takes the battle to the ground

CCP Games has launched a free new update, Groundrush, for EVE: Valkyrie, the virtual reality space shooter set in the EVE Online universe. The fifth major update is now available on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It introduces a new land-based map, weekly Wormhole events, and more.

Groundrush introduces a new map, Solitude, that takes the battle to the… well, you guessed it… ground. This is great for those who want some time away from the open space battles. Pilots will navigate the skies and terrains of a remote planet. It’s definitely a huge playground as players will be able to fly through tight passageways, mountainous terrain and underground caves.

If you want chaos, then chaos you shall have. The weekly Wormhole events will make flying in space a crazier experience. Players will get new maps, modifiers and different game modes. One feature will definitely make dogfights even more intense… friendly fire. Now you will need to be extra focused on making sure you’re not shooting your allies. If you kill a teammate, you will be penalized.

There are also the two additional Wormhole maps: Nightyard and Goldenroad.

Other new features for EVE: Valkyrie includes Steam Controller support on Steam and Carrier Assault and Control co-op modes.

During EVE Fanfest 2017, CCP Games had an elaborate setup for EVE: Valkyrie’s Groundrush. The demo stations were each designed to look like a cockpit. I was able to test out the Solitude map, and it definitely adds an extra thrill as you are soaring through tight spots in an icy facility.

“It becomes like a split battlefield with the space just above the surface of the planet and underneath where you go to the bowels of the base through all the service and access tunnels” Andrew Willans, EVE: Valkyrie’s lead game designer, tells Nerd Reactor. “It changes the gameplay in just really interesting ways.”

“We introduced the pilot animation system,” Willans continued. “Up until now the avatars in VR has been like statuettes. They’re really amazing models that you could rotate and look at from any angle. Our team of animators has been working hard to bring them to life. They kind of idle and shift away from foot to foot, fist bump when you win and hang their heads in shame when [they] lose.”

For more details on the new update, visit the Valkyrie site.

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