Doctor Who’s newest companion Bill Potts is going to keep things fresh

By Joshua Kaye and Laura Sirikul

Doctor Who‘s anticipated 10th season is upon us and we’re getting pretty excited, especially meeting new companion, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie). Bill has been announced as the first openly gay companion and, simply, a breath of fresh air. Her appearance in the trailers has been marked with positive reviews and excited tweets.

Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi gushed about his companion when we spoke to him back at New York Comic-Con, “The great thing about Pearl and about the character that she plays is that they are totally new to the Doctor Who world. Bill comes from the real world, so the whole Doctor Who universe has to be introduced to her.”


Mackie, who has been posting on social media on her upcoming introduction, told us back in October all about Bill’s personality.

“She goes with her instincts, which I think is interesting for the Doctor, the way they play off of each other and challenge each other,” said Mackie excitingly. “Bill’s totally new to this world, so new to it in a way that’s brilliant and I think the freshness that she brings when she sees the TARDIS for the first time. It was kind of important for me to not watch too much of previous companions because when you see good acting in a context that you know, it’s hard not to emulate it.”


For anyone who has never watched the series before, it’s no worry! With Bill’s freshness to the universe, Pearl makes a note that this would be a perfect spot for newcomers to jump right into the series. Pearl states that, “The audience is kind of with Bill. They’re seeing everything through her eyes so she asks those iconic questions. Questions that haven’t been asked in a while. So you don’t need much prior knowledge!”

Doctor Who returns this Saturday on BBC America.

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