Why Dolby Cinema is the best movie theater you’ll ever experience

Dolby Cinema - Entrance

Dolby Cinema delivers an unparalleled cinematic experience.

The movie going experience is an ever changing landscape. You can watch a movie through IMAX, 4DX, or 3D. If you’re looking for the best movie experience possible then look no further than Dolby Cinema theaters. So what makes them different than other specialized theaters?

First of all, you’ll be watching Dolby Vision which is Dolby’s version of the 4K HDR experience. In other words, you’ll be experiencing a picture with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio—that’s 500 times the contrast ratio compared to standard projection systems. “With Dolby Vision, forget about 4K, 2K, 2D, [and] 3D, what’s missing out of all these iterations was contrast,” said Stuart Bowling, Director of Content and Creative Relations for Dolby. “That’s why a lot of filmmakers are hesitant about leaving film and going digital because the contrast wasn’t good.” This means that there won’t be any more of that “milky gray” that you get with a standard projector. You’ll be watching a movie with pure black levels, an expanded color gamut, and twice the brightness. Trust us, when you experience these images on screen then you’ll never want to go back.

I could go on about the benefits of seeing a film in Dolby Cinema, but Dolby wanted to make sure that you didn’t have to take my word for it. Filmmakers have started seeing the benefits of Dolby Cinema through the several of their demonstrations. “Hands down, every filmmaker we had in there was relatively blown away. They don’t want to go back,” said Bowling.

Dolby Cinema is able to project movies in both 2D and 3D. Thankfully, Dolby Cinema is able to bypass the dark nature of 3D with its core dual Christie Digital 6P 4K laser projectors. “Because we’re using RGB lasers then we have dedicated left eye and right eye,” said Bowling. “So those laser frequencies of light are actually the same in the lenses of the 3D glasses. [Therefore], we’re the most light efficient 3D solution in the market.”

Dolby Vision isn’t the only thing you’ll get from a Dolby Cinema theater. Every Dolby Cinema comes equipped with Dolby Atmos, their “object-based” surround technology. To put it another way, Dolby Atmos is a 3D experience for your ears. There is a total of 57 speakers that circles the theater room. Every theater has 5 in-screen speakers, 48 surround sound speakers, and 4 ceiling-mounted subwoofers. These speakers provide a booming surround experience that encompasses you like a dome.

“For Dolby Cinema, we wanted the audio to be what we call, ‘studio reference,’” Bowling begins. “We specify all the acoustics in these rooms, that way we’re maximizing sound reproduction. So not only are you getting a killer image but you’re getting the best audio reproduction, period.”

Dolby Cinema at AMC - Theater Seating

Every red light you see on the walls and ceiling is a speaker.

For the most part, Dolby Cinema provides one of the best cinematic experiences you’ll ever have. A bold statement, for sure. However, if you take into account the theater’s excellent video and audio combined with comfortable recliner seats then you have one of the best premium theater offerings out there. Thankfully, Dolby Cinema can be found in over 80 locations in the United States, China, Europe, and now the Middle East.

Find out if there’s a theater near you by visiting the Dolby’s page.

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