Outsiders 2×10 ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ recap & review

Hayley is being dragged up the mountain by Big. She whacks Big with a giant stick and makes a run for it, but ends up rolling down the mountain. Big finds her and brings her up. Phelia is watching them.

Big brings her to the clan townhouse. G’Win welcomes her with a glass of water from their poisoned spring. Hayley asks G’win why did they bring her? G’Win tells her it’s because she leads the coal company. Hayley says she doesn’t lead the coal company, she’s just in charge of community relations. Her job is to help the Farrells. G’Win stops her from drinking the water because Hayley doesn’t know about the poisoning of the water. G’Win gives Hayley a tour of the clan. They give Hayley new shoes to wear. Hayley sees the life on the mountain and is intrigued. G’Win then showed her the poisoned springs, which disgusts Hayley. G’Win tells her that the coal company did this.

Hayley tried to find an explanation for the poisoning of the creeks and crops. G’Win tells her her company is killing them. Hayley watches a funeral service for the child who died from the water poisoning. The mother confronts Hayley for what her company had done to her son. They take Hayley into the cage and leave her there.

Hayley sees a little girl with berries and asks to trade her watch for the berries. They trade and Hayley eats the berries happily. Later that night, she sees a crowd of Farrells with torches. They grab her and attempt to pour the poisonous water into her mouth. G’Win yells at them to stop because killing her will cause a war. G’Win apologizes to Hayley. They share a drink of Farrell wine. Hayley shows G’Win a photo of her son and that he lives with his father in Texas. Hayley tells G’Win the truth – the coal company is going to win. The coal company is going to keep fighting. G’Win tells her that the Farrells will also keep fighting. Hayley drinks more Farrell wine. She gets drunk off the wine and finds herself released by a hooded person. She follows them and then sees a helicopter. She then begins to eat berries and roam around the forest. She then sees children in the schoolhouse who are then attacked by a plane of poison. She continues to follow the hooded person and hears her son calling to her from the poisoned creek. He is dragged underneath as she cries for him. She asks the hooded person for help and turns to see the mother of the deceased child. Haley wakes up in a field of flowers near the fence. Guards find her and ask if she’s alright. She turns to see jars of liquids from the Farrells.

With this newfound knowledge of life on the mountain, Hayley may become the next Erin Brockovich and expose the coal company’s methods. Of course, Hayley is just a pawn in the coal company’s game and could easily be pushed aside by Matt Meyers and his team. But, the jars, which I believe contains the poisoned creek water, will be evidence for Hayley to fight for the Farrells.

I’m quite excited to see the two tough women from the series – G’Win and Hayley – working together to bring down the man (aka Coal Company). Now, if we could bring Ledda into the mix, it’d be even more epic for the women power on the show.

Lil Foster torches his old tipi because it’s time for him to move on and with Barbara. They walk away together hand in hand. G’win sees Lil’s tipi burned down. Big caresses her and tells her that she cannot hide her pregnancy. He knows it’s not his. Big asks if it’s Asa or Lil Fosters? G’Win says it’s not Asa’s and she will take care of the baby. Big says he will be a father to her child since they are married. G’Win rejects him and tells him to be a father to Lil Foster.

Lil Foster and Barbara find a new area to settle in that is outside of the clan. Barbara says she wants to bear another one of his children. Lil Foster asks her what she’s talking about. Barbara tells her G’Win is pregnant with his child.

This changes everything! With Lil finding out he’s going to be a father, this may make him rethink his priorities. I honestly feel bad for Barbara. She was shunned by Asa and now, she may be just another side piece for Lil Foster. I really hope they do Barbara right in this case.

The doctor shows Wade Ledda’s test results, which shows the tumor has decreased. The doctor confirms that Ledda is in remission. Wade wants answers on what happened. Ledda tells him God has a plan for her.

Wade goes over to a call regarding Hayley’s kidnapping. Wade asks the bartender about the last time he saw Hayley. The bartender said he saw her with a hippie guy (Gordon) a few nights ago.

During a home dinner date with Dana, Wade begins to open up to her about his home and Ledda. They have a moment as he’s attempting to cook. Dana attempts to seduce him and Wade is a bit uncomfortable, but they end up having sex.

The next day, Hilda asks Wade if he saw Dana last night because he’s smiling. Wade says he’s smiling because Ledda is feeling better. Ledda asked him how the date was and he said it was fine. Wade then asks Ledda if she knew more about the guy who threw coal dust on Hayley (Gordon). Ledda asks what’s it about. Wade tells her Hayley is missing and could be kidnapped. Wade shows Ledda a sketch of Gordon and asks if she recognized him.

Wade goes to Gordon’s RV and takes him into the precinct. Wade questions him about where he has been since Hayley’s disappearance. Gordon admits to seeing her and spending the night with her but denies anything else. Gordon is able to provide an alibi – a woman in town he spent the night with. Wade basically tells Gordon to stop sleeping around.

Matt Meyers asks Wade about Gordon, but Wade tells him that he doesn’t think Gordon did it. Matt then finds out Gordon has been to Hayley’s office.

When Wade returns home, Ledda and Wade celebrate Ledda’s remission. She apologizes to Wade about Gordon. Wade tells her Gordon didn’t do it. Ledda admits she slept with Gordon. She tells Wade that she loves Breece and misses him, but she says she has to keep going.

When Gordon returns to his RV, he is called Steven and then kidnapped by suits.

It seems like Matt has connected the dots with Gordon and Hayley and had Gordon kidnapped to reveal that he did the leak. They are probably going to find a way to make Hayley take the fall. Matt Meyers needs to go down.

As for the Hougtons and Dobbs, I am really happy for him and Ledda. They all finally have their lives together. Wade is in a healthy relationship with Dana. Ledda is in remission and knows her purpose in life. I feel like they both have found peace with the Farrells and themselves. Of course, nothing good lasts forever on this show.

Sally-Ann has a job interview. Hasil is happy for her. He then aches in pain due to his last fight. Sally-Ann massages him and tells him to quit. She’s going to be working now and they’ll be okay.

Hasil is playing Mortal Kombat with Butch who easily defeats Hasil. Hasil tells Butch that he won’t be fighting anymore. Butch thinks it’s about the police, so he said he’ll protect him. Butch is able to convince to do a few more fights for money.

Sally-Ann returns home to find a note from Butch saying him and Hasil will be home late. Sally-Ann calls Frida who takes her to the fight club. Sally-Ann confronts Hasil for lying to her. Hasil tells her he has to support her. Sally-Ann says they have to do it her way. She tells Butch that he has to pay for the lookouts and not sell pot. Butch negotiates with her and they both will pay for the lookouts. She agrees and tells Hasil that he’s going to win.

Hasil is fighting a big guy who is able to overpower Hasil. Sally-Ann wants him to stop and she tells him she loves him. He gets more energy and determination after she tells him that. He is able to beat the guy. They tell each other they love each other.

It seems that Sally-Ann and Hasil have found their groove with each other and their future. It was cute to see Sally-Ann support her man in his fight. It looks like Sasil is still stronger than ever. I also have to say, I love Sally-Ann and Frida’s friendship.

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