Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio joins The Punisher

Following the success of several Marvel series on Netflix, The Punisher will be coming to the streaming service soon to the delight of fans everywhere. In addition to Jon Bernthal, who’s reprising his role as The Punisher, the show has recruited another veteran of television. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, who starred as Captain Zoe Callas in Law and Order: Criminal Intent, has joined The Punisher in an undisclosed role.

There are rumors, however, that Mastrantonio, who’s been featured in films like Scarface, The Abyss and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, could be playing a villain based on set photos that show her talking with Paul Schulze’s character Rawlins.

Other than some set photos, there hasn’t been many details released, but once production wraps on the series, we should get more information including an actual release date for the show.

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