Bandai Namco’s Get Even amplified with Auro-3D

Get Even features mercenary “Black” who awakes in a mysterious asylum without any memory of his past. Under the guidance of an anonymous captor “Red,” he is put into treatment with a futuristic headset, “Pandora,” that allows the wearer to relive their memories. The narrative is very film-centric featuring a very intimate and mature story where the player will have to investigate and solve puzzles to uncover the truth; however, that will change the evolution of the game based on the player’s playthrough. Get Even now features new audio technologies to immerse the player even more with each drop of rain, gunshot, and scream.


Get Even also features a unique audio design that interacts with your actions thanks to Auro Technologies and its immersive Auro-3D audio format that wraps listeners in a cocoon of sound with natural consistency. The audio format works in a variety of mediums including games, mobile, home theaters, digital cinema and even in automobiles. Regardless of the medium’s format, it adds new layers of sound above the player to create a true reproduction of acoustic audio.

Auro Technologies has partnered with multiple companies to bring these experiences into the lives of as many consumers as possible. A few of these partnerships include Sony Home Pictures Entertainment, Xbox One S, Porsche, and game companies like Bandai Namco for games like Get Even. One of the key components of this technology is that when developers use it when creating their product, it can be enjoyed by users with any set of headphones whether inside the home or using strategic speaker placement in theaters or bigger setups.

During my time playing Get Even that was utilizing Auro-3D technology, every sound carried more weight than usual, adding to my level of immersion while working through the demo. Every gunshot would echo from the corridors as if I was standing there myself, and hearing the shouting and screaming of the inmates of the asylum would keep me on my toes constantly. Although my time with the demo was short, it quickly turned me onto what can be done with Auro Technologies and their new Auro-3D audio format, and I can’t wait to experience it fully.

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