Horror Escapes LA: The Doctor’s Office review

Hey guys, welcome back to another escape room review. If you are familiar with us, you know we love a good escape room. We’ve been pretty lucky as of late to have visited many awesome rooms in the Southern California area, and it seems like no matter how many we come upon there’s always something new that continues to push the genre. Recently, we were lucky enough to be invited out Horror Escapes LA’s new digs in Downtown. I had never tried any of their rooms before so I was eager to see what they cooked up at their new spot.

Their current narrative revolves around Dr. X, and we got to try out their Doctor’s Office Room. DR. X had experimented on his wife to keep her alive while he searched for a cure for her mysterious illness. The experiments left his wife disfigured and a shell of her former self. In order to return his wife to her former state, Dr. X needs to kidnap fresh living subjects to experiment on. That’s where we come in. Together we must find a way out of the doctor’s office before he returns, or we too shall end up just like many of his experiments.

I think one of the first things I liked about Horror Escapes LA is that they probably have the best introduction video I’ve seen. Some can be overly wordy and too complicated. Horror Escapes LA is right to the point. “No running, no jumping and don’t touch the actors.” Yes, there are live actors with you in the room. It’s a nice feature that I feel not a lot of games use. There’s just something about having another person that is not part of your team that just makes the room so much more immersive, and they usually help add to the narrative.

Without giving too much away, I thought the live actor really did help with the horror aspect of the room. One thing I really liked about the room’s style was that the puzzles weren’t just blatantly obvious. Too many times have I been in a room where a neon spray painted colored spatula has to placed on the same colored outlined hook. A lot of the puzzles felt very organic and are less right in your face, which is why we were initially stumped the first 30 minutes when we got into the room. Once we tackled the first puzzle we began to pick up steam, but the puzzles were still hard.

Another thing that really helped build tension in the room was not really knowing the time limit. I think too many escape rooms nowadays use the countdown clock. I can’t really think of any other room I recently visited that didn’t have one. It really helped with the tension because while we were struggling to figure out one of the puzzles, we had no idea how much time had passed, leaving us more frantic and panicking. By the end, the supposed “Nurse” or “Receptionist” would briefly open the door and shout out “the doctor will see you in __ minutes!” Those last few minutes were really nailbiters, and I’m happy to say that we made it out alive.

I really liked the Doctor’s Office. It had a lot of very familiar elements that kept it simple and unique. It was fun, challenging and I can’t wait to check out the two other rooms that Horror Escapes LA has.

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