Outsiders 2×08 ‘Healing’ recap & review

With G’win survival at stake, Big Foster is becoming desperate to save her. His evil side began to show again – him slapping Phil’Up and having no plan when confronting the guards (which ended in Enoch’s death). When times are truly desperate, evil Big comes out, which is why it’s great that he knows this. Although I don’t think his death would have changed anything, I do wish when he spoke to Lil, he would renounce his title as the next Bren’in and give it to him. Lil Foster is loved by all and is a good man. He would be an excellent bren’in, after G’win, of course. I was hoping that Big would give Lil his title.

Despite everything he had been through last season and this season, Lil Foster has remained a good and stable man. He could have killed his father easily, but instead, stayed true to his real nature. I guess prison life didn’t change him.

Poor Hasil. I feel so bad for him being torn between two families and two completely different worlds. As much as I love Sally-Ann and Hasil, she may not be too understanding in this situation. I understand that family is important, especially with a baby on the way, but she’s not really giving him any support. He moved his entire life for her. The family is important, but she needs to understand it’s going to take some time for him. But, Hasil wearing civillian clothing is pretty hilarious.

Gordon is just bad news. He seems to be sleeping with everyone for his benefit. There was talk that he was working for Haylie and the coal people all along, but he really is just an activist who will do whatever it takes to save the world. And, if he sleeps with a few women here and there is a bonus. Haylie has been had, but hopefully, the sex was worth it.

Things are looking harder for Wade – Matt is suspicious of his actions and Ledda is slowly dying. Wade is going to have to be strong to get through all of this. His family is counting on him.

Now, let’s recap:

After Lil Foster’s return, he cleansed from the Outsider world by the elders. He is welcomed with open arms from his clan.

G’win is still recovering from her wound and has trouble breathing. She feels like she is going to die and tells Big that he will take her place as bren’in because he has changed. She makes him promise that he will not become evil again.

Emerly and the clan pray for the mountain to heal G’win. Big wants to do more and get Outsider medicine to fix her. As Hasil is preparing to return to Sally-Ann, Big demands they go with Hasil. Hasil thinks it’s a bad idea because they just broke Lil Foster out of prison. Big doesn’t care and gets his team of men to go with him.

Lil visits G’win, who is resting, and wished he was there to protect her. He forgives her for marrying his father because she had to do whatever it took to survive. Lil joins the others in their prayers and offers a piece of his hair.

Hasil leads Big and his men down the mountain and found guards at the base of the mountain. Big wants to confront the guards, but are forced to flee when they begin shooting at him. Enoch is shot and killed while they escape. Everyone is angry at Big for causing this. He looks at himself and tells a sleeping G’win that he cannot become bren’in.

Big goes to a praying Lil and begs him to kill him for the sake of the mountain. Lil takes Big alongside the mountain and tells Big a memory when Big tied Lil up to a tree and left him there for ten days. Lil refuses to kill Big Foster. Big begins beating Lil and eggs Lil on to kill him. Lil beats Big, but refuses to kill him, because “Farrells don’t kill Farrells”. Big attempts tp kill himself, but then sees the image of Elon. Elon whispers in Big’s ear and walks away. Big doesn’t kill himself and finds a plant in front of him. He takes the plant and places it in the prayer area and begins to pray.

G’win comes out of her hut and walks towards her people.

Wade takes a call regarding one of the prison escapees. He heads inside the home and arrests the man. Wade is congratulated for his effort. Matt confronts Wade about Lil’s escape and just how the Farrells knew the prison bus route. Wade blames Matt for putting an innocent man in prison and putting up a fence. Wade then asks Ledda to lie for him – if anyone asked where he was two nights ago (when he was with the Farrells) to say he was at home.

After Ledda received gratitude from her church regarding the protest, Ledda asks Wade to give her protest group a break because they are going to do more. Wade doesn’t think it’s a good idea because the kids might get hurt from the townspeople. Ledda’s daughter Hilda gets into a fight in school due to her mother’s involvement with the protestors. Ledda confronts the teacher but begins coughing intensely. She is taken to the hospital and refuses treatment. Wade tells her he’ll take care of the family. Ledda tells her daughters about her illness.

Gordon visits Haylie and apologizes to her for throwing coal dust on her. He tries to persuade her on their side, but she rejects him. Gordon finds Haylie at the bar and tries to talk to her again. He offers her a CD filled with music from the locals hoping to persuade her. Finding him attractive, Haylie ends up sleeping with Gordon. The next day, Haylie wakes up alone… but Gordon ends up with all of Haylie’s digital files, including her emails.

Hasil returns to Sally-Ann, who is angry that he didn’t come home. Hasil is upset and won’t tell her what’s wrong. Sally-Ann knows it had to do with his family and wants him to stay with her. If not, she’ll leave him. She goes to Frida and Butch’s place to let Hasil think about it. Wade visits Hasil and tells him he needs to disappear because he cannot protect him. Hasil agrees.

At Frida and Butch’s, Sally-Ann complains to Frida about Hasil not being there for her. Sally-Ann tells Frida she’ll stay with her cousin in Cleveland. Frida tries to persuade Sally-Ann to stay with Hasil because he loves her. Sally-Ann returns the next day to find Hasil still home. He tells her that his cousin was shot and he doesn’t know if he’s alive or dead. He said he needs to do something for his family. He changes his clothes, wearing Butch’s clothes, to disguise himself.

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