Will Mass Effect: Andromeda have characters that are as great as the original trilogy?

Back on November 20, 2007,  Mass Effect was released for the Xbox 360 and opened everyone to an absolutely incredible RPG space opera that would blow our collective gamer minds. The characters, storyline, and many different dialogue choices forever placed this series into the video game history. That said, I pose the question: Will Mass Effect: Andromeda have characters that are as great as the original trilogy?

Mass Effect
had an incredible impact on everyone that played throughout the series especially since you controlled the main character of Commander Shepard who interacted with almost everyone in the game. You speak with hundreds of different types of characters throughout the original trilogy, also in addition were the main ones that helped you on your mission to stop the Reapers; they were all unique in many ways. One of the races you encounter were the battle-minded Krogan. I know in Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer we see that the Krogans are there still, however, since this is set in the future, will the Krogans be different? Are they still battle-minded? Will your new Krogan companion(s) be as badass as Urdnot Wrex and Grunt?

During your missions, you will come across a Drell assassin by the name of Thane Krios. Thane was an interesting assassin, to say the least. Not only was Thane a very spiritual character, he would pray for forgiveness from his objectives after killing them. He also had a code of honor where he only went for the main targets that he was contracted to. Interestingly enough, when you spoke to Thane, it was like speaking to a monk or a wizened old man.

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All the characters that were interesting weren’t all biological. There were both EDI and Legion, who are in fact completely mechanical to an extent. EDI started off as an AI on board the Normandy where she originally sent information about the crew to the Illusive Man. Eventually, EDI was granted a physical body and was able to leave the Normandy as part of the crew during missions. The best part about her storyline was that she was finally given emotions where she eventually falls in love with Joker, the Normandy’s handicapped pilot.

Legion, on the other hand, is the epitome of the bad guy gone good character. Legion wasn’t necessarily a “bad guy”, however, his mechanical race named “The Geth” were the main problem in the first video game of the series. As Commander Shepard and his crew, you pretty much slaughtered hundreds of Geth until you took down the Reaper affecting them during the first game. Legion was one of my personal favorite characters because not only was he a badass sniper like Garrus Vakarian, but he would also interject with dialogue that made you question the evolutional borders of biological species versus that of AI constructs like the Geth.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of the characters that are available for you to speak with and utilize from the original Mass Effect. This is why I wonder how the new crew will interact with each other. When Mass Effect was released all these new races were introduced to us along with an entire codex of the M.E. Universe. With Mass Effect: Andromeda I can only sit and wait impatiently on what type of new dialogue and interactions with new races will be. BioWare rarely fails us with their characters, so I really hope this new game blows us all away. I also hope that it doesn’t end like the original. I’m not going to lie; that’s still a little bitterness that we all carry in us.

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