Outsiders 2×07 ‘Home for Supper’ review & recap

I honestly don’t know what I’m most happy about – the fact that Li’l Foster is free, or that G’Winveer made it out alive. Both are great news. But, let’s be honest, the main story of this episode is that Li’l Foster is officially back on the mountain. We need to talk about how this is going to change everything.

Li’l Foster has been locked up for the past few episodes, which may be a few days, but even then, that could cause some damage to Li’l’s psyche. He killed a man in jail, and he may be feeling the PTSD effects of being among outsiders. Now, he’s back on the mountain with his father. The same father who took Li’l’s fiancee and disowned him in front of the entire clan. Li’l doesn’t know that Big has “changed his ways.” Nor does he know what has happened to his people on the mountain. He has a lot of catching up to do on the mountain, especially with G’Win. I’m not looking forward to G’Win explaining to Li’l why she decided to keep Big Foster on the mountain.

As for Hasil, now that he’s back on the mountain, what does this mean for Sally-Ann? Can Hasil go back? What’s going to happen to Hasil and his life with Sally-Ann down below? How will she survive without him? Will G’Win forgive him?

Now that Wade released Li’l Foster back to his people, he may feel like a huge chip is off his shoulder. Maybe good things will follow. Maybe Ledda’s cancer will get better? Well, with the way Ledda leading her life, it doesn’t look like she’ll be getting healing soon. The effects of her cancer is catching up with her, but she is more determined than ever to fight for her cause. This protest is just going to bring more trouble for Wade, especially having Hayley as an enemy again.


After the death of Moregon, we learned G’Win made it out alive but was weakened by the wound. Big takes care of her. G’Win decides to pardon Moregon’s followers because they are weak without her. G’win begins to wonder if Moregon was right about them killing the mountain. Big pleads with G’Win to survive. She questions that herself.

Wade is having trouble with the fact he put Li’l Foster in jail. Ledda checks on Wade for his crazy talk the last episode. He apologizes and tells her to not worry. Wade wants to visit Li’l Foster, but finds out that Li’l is going to be transferred to the State Penitentiary. Wade drives to the state jail, but is turned away. Wade sneaks into Matt’s office to see how far the fence wraps around the mountain but is interrupted by Hayley, who wants assurance that the parade will be secured from protestors.

Hasil brings dinner to Sally-Ann, but he sees something is wrong with her. He thinks it’s because of the fighting, but she’s fine with the fighting. She’s just worried about him.

Wade is called to a disturbance in the neighborhood. It’s the pit fighting. Zack and Wade have an understanding in terms of the fighting, but the group is being too loud. Zack says they will just finish the last fight, which Wade checks out. He sees it is Hasil fighting and Hasil makes a run for it. Wade chases after him and shouts Li’l Foster’s name. Hasil stopped and to listen to Wade. Wade tells him he needs to talk to the Farrells to help him free Li’l Foster.

Hasil goes up the mountain to find G’Win hurt. He tells her they found Li’l Foster. Big doesn’t believe Hasil and puts Hasil in the box. While waiting for Hasil to return, Wade sees a wolf and then is interrupted by two Farrell cousins who bring him up the mountain. Big interrogates Wade with a gun to his face. Everly tells Big that G’Win wants to speak with Wade.

Wade tells them everything – Li’l Foster was accused of killing Breece and then, end up killing a man in prison. He explains how Li’l Foster will be transferred from the county jail to the prison. Wade wants to make things right. He then asks G’Win for the man who killed Breece. G’Win lies and says that man is dead.

Meanwhile in the prison, the doctor is fixing Li’l’s injuries and plans to inject him with a sedative. Li’l pleads with him, so the doctor pretends to inject him. The doctor gives Li’l back the drawing and tells Li’l he’s going to need it more where he’s going.

ATVs rush down the mountain as Li’l is being transferred on the bus. The ATV’s surround the bus to break Li’l out and succeed.

Ledda goes to the coffee shop and is interrupted by a local man named Anis who is dying from his time in the coal mines. He tells her to keep fighting the good fight. Later on, Gordon shows the group videos of his previous protests. Ledda gives a motivational speech to inspire the group to protest at the parade. On the day of the parade, Ledda experiences the symptoms from her cancer – coughing blood.

Ledda and her group stop the parade to protest. They lay in the middle of the street in skull outfits and yell “Coal Kills.”

During the parade, Wade gets a call regarding the bus. He tells Dobbs to stay and watch the parade and that he’ll go check it out. He is parked someplace else and calls in to see if Li’l Foster is free.

Back on the mountain, Li’l Foster screams in joy for being back on the mountain. Big embraces Li’l, but Li’l rejects him.

Outsiders airs on Tuesday at 9pm on WGN America.

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