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Watching Logan, it becomes apparent that the filmmakers really wanted to remain focused and leave out as many extraneous characters, costumes, sets and backstory as possible, something that most comic book film creators have a hard time doing as they try to please everyone. There is one important event in the film that’s mentioned, but never shown explicitly that could’ve actually formed a pretty strong sequence.

During the film, we learn that Professor Charles Xavier isn’t well and villain Donald Pierce tells Logan that the government classifies his brain as a weapon of mass destruction. We’re led to believe that there was a tragic incident that occurred before the events of the movie involving Xavier in which he inadvertently injured hundreds of people and even killed several X-Men. However, we as an audience are left to merely imagine how this event played out even though it had the potential to be an incredibly powerful moment.

Screenwriter Michael Green says earlier versions of the script included flashbacks showing the incident, but the team decided to cut them. But why was this decision made?

“It actually hits home a lot harder than the versions that really painted out specifically the flashback,” Green says. “Of course there are versions we wrote that were never filmed with the actual flashback of what happened, but I’ve found the experience of watching it is far more poignant to just know that it was something really regrettable and it was bad and most likely, friends were lost. Or maybe it was people we didn’t know.”

The reason director James Mangold provided for cutting the scenes is much more straightforward. “I wanted to make a movie less about information and more about character,” he said.

Interestingly, in the Old Man Logan comic book story that inspired the filmmakers, it’s Logan himself that was tricked into killing his teammates by the villain Mysterio.

Green says there are no plans to officially reveal the hidden backstory, but he does hope that someone would write out what happens in a “beautifully drawn comic.”

Logan is in theaters everywhere right now.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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