Outsiders 2×06 ‘Kill or Be Killed’ recap & review

In one of the most heartbreaking episodes, Outsiders have left us speechless on what’s going to happen next for our beloved characters. G’win stabbed herself to save Big from the Kinnah and killed off Moregon;  Lil Foster has committed the ultimate sin of killing a human being; Hasil has taken a life of fighting; and, Wade has no control over his dying sister, who threatens their livelihood. With four more episodes left, where can our characters go from here?

The Farrells are held hostage by the Kinnah clan. G’win is stuck inside her cabin by Moregon, who demands G’win kill one of her own for purification of the mountain. G’win refuses to do it, resulting in Moregon killing off a Farrell every hour until G’win sacrifices the strongest one in her clan – which ends up being Big.

The Kinnah lock Big up. Moregon tells Big that his death will save the mountain and it must be done by G’win – because G’win wants to save her people and secretly hates him. Big refuses to believe it.

While contemplating what to do, G’win hallucinates Lady Ray in her room. G’win asks Lady Ray for advice, who tells her that killing Big will end all of this. G’win is still conflicted but is interrupted by the Kinnah taking her to the ritual where Big is tied up. The Farrells are surrounding them. G’win announces to her kin that one must die so all of them could live. She takes the knife from Moregon and walks towards Big. With the knife under his neck, she hesitates and turns around facing Moregon telling her that Big is not the strongest of them. She then stabs herself. Moregon then goes towards Big with the intent to kill him until G’win tells Moregon to take her knife. While Moregon looks at G’win, she signals to Big to push Moregon, which he does, causing her to land on the knife and die. This causes the Kinnah clan to scream in pain and the Farrells taking the guns away from them. Big is cut loose and holds G’win, who is seemingly dead… or is she?

G’win’s stabbing, hopefully, will not result in her death. Hopefully, there is another healer around to save her life. It’s a big deal that she did not kill Big. It shows how much she actually cares for the man – even though I don’t know why. Sure, Big has shown to change, but after what he did to her and his people, how could she forgive so easily?

I do appreciate the killing of Moregon, even though I think it may have been too soon. Moregon being the enemy seemed too short and would have made a more satisfying revenge death, but instead, her character was killed off the day after she became the villain. There wasn’t really any character development for Moregon, but it did showcase G’win’s weakness and lack of leadership to rule. Hopefully, if and when she heals, she’ll become a real leader like Lady Ray. If not, the power goes back to Big and we are left with no strong female leader. But, I don’t think the series would do that. WGN America’s shows tend to have strong female characters leading the pack and Outsiders is one of them. I’m betting G’win is still alive and is going to become the leader she was meant to be.

As Lil Foster eats alone in the prison, the Aryan Brotherhood sits across from him, attempting to recruit him to their group. He rejects them, which causes them to attempt to kill him. While at the medical ward, the doctor is treating Lil’s wounds. The doctor tells him to keep his head low or he could put Lil in solitary confinement if he wanted it. Lil prefers to have some freedom and continues to draw while being stitched up. He gives the drawing to the doctor. Lil Foster is confronted by the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood and engages in a fight with him. He gets into Lil’s head, which causes Lil to kill him.

Lil Foster was wrongly accused of murder and sent to the prison, instead of where he should have originally gone to – the county jail. He felt like a caged bird and began to feel the effects of jail life. The title of the episode reflects Lil’s story “Kill or be killed” and what happens to life inside the prison, where those who have never been violent have to do whatever it takes to survive – including defending themselves. Lil has always been a peaceful man, but with the constant pressure to survive got to him, especially with the Aryan Brotherhood constantly bothering him. It’s no wonder when nonviolent offenders end up becoming violent while locked up among other violent offenders. This is worst for Lil because they found him to not be guilty of Breece’s murder. But, by then it was too late.

Wade sifts through the house of the murdered family and finds Big Foster’s gun (the same one that shot Breece). Wade visits Sam at the social worker office and asks Sam about the man who murdered Sam’s family. Sam gets Lil Foster off the hook and said the man was older with long white hair, but does not know his name.

Meanwhile, Ledda is back at it with her activism and wants to do something for their town’s festival. Her fellow activists are against it but she is supported by an activist from California named Gordon. He wants to help Ledda in campaigning. She welcomes him, who travels by just his car, to shower in her home, leading them to engage in a sexual relationship. Wade comes home early and unfortunately, finds the family’s cat dead in their mailbox. He enters the home and hears Ledda giggling in the shower with a man and quickly leaves. Wade later confronts her on what he heard, but she dismisses him. A brick is thrown into the house, which causes Wade to want to leave with the kids someplace else. Ledda is adamant in sticking with the campaign against the coal company.

After finding out Lil Foster did not kill Breece, Wade visits Matt Meyers and demands that Lil Foster be free from prison. Matt delivers him the bad news: Lil Foster killed a man in prison – meaning he’s not coming out.

Feeling defeated, Wade returns home and apologizes to Ledda, blaming himself for everything. He tells her he’s going to do something illegal to take care of it all. She is confused, but he tells her to not worry and leaves.

There is just so much going on in Wade’s personal life and career. He’s willing to do anything to protect his family. But, with Leeda threatening their livelihood through her activism, he has to do what’s best for the kids and take them away. Wade and Ledda’s relationship is probably the strongest among all the characters on the series (even more than the Farrells) because they are each other’s constant throughout the problems – Wade’s addiction, Breece’s death, Ledda’s cancer diagnosis, and even the oil company issues. It’s really tough to see them fall apart.

Now, with Wade wanting to fix things. He may be attempting to rescue Lil Foster from prison, because he understands that it’s because of him – Lil became a murderer. So, he must save him.

Hasil and Sally-Ann go over their finances and agree they need to find a home for themselves. Hasil gets frustrated with the idea of rent and utilities but agrees to get a job. He goes with Butch to fight. Butch tells Hasil he has to lose in order to get money, but Hasil refuses to and knocks the guy out. The event organizer Zack talks to Butch about having Hasil fight bigger guys. Butch encourages Hasil by telling him he’d lose. Hasil ends up winning, which causes everyone to want a chance to fight him. Butch gives Hasil a bunch of cash. With the money, Sally-Ann and Hasil are able to rent a home. On their first night, Hasil sneaks outside and sleeps under the moonlight. Sally-Ann joins him.

The honeymoon stage is over. Hasil and Sally-Ann need to face the reality of paying bills and having responsibility. They are going to be parents now. Of course, Hasil doesn’t have any skill or ability other than fighting. So, this is what he must do. I actually enjoy these scenes because Kyle Gallner looks badass. I’m also a fan of UFC. So, the next few episodes of fighting will be fun.

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