Teens React to Nintendo Switch sparks possible backlash?

As a regular viewer of Fine Brothers Entertainment on YouTube, it was great to see a “Teens React to Nintendo Switch (Trailers)” episode. Like usual, the producers managed to gather up kids with different opinions. While the political episodes on this channel are not always balanced, in this case, the range of viewpoints sounded fair.

On the positive side, the 18-year-old Tori gave a thumbs up for the Switch. Each segment featuring her comments revealed bright and glowing enthusiasm towards any trailer shown. Most of the other teens were somewhere between mildly positive and neutral. On the negative end was Seth, also 18-years-old, who gave some unfiltered criticism of the Switch and Nintendo in general.

:32 – “Nintendo Switch … cause Nintendo’s consoles have been so successful recently.”

1:58 – “This could possibly be cool, if it wasn’t Nintendo.”

3:01 – “I hate when people make PC gaming sound way more superior, but it is.”

5:06 – “I don’t really see the point in platformers.”

5:50 – “It made it look like it was extremely versatile. It seems too complicated. By the way they made it look so seamless, I think there’s going to be tons of problems.”

7:50 – “If you compared graphics from the PlayStation and Xbox to the Wii, the Wii was terrible.”


Seth’s analysis came out harsh, but did it deserve the backlash found underneath the YouTube video? Look through a few angry viewer comments in the “Top comments” section.

“This video could be cool… if you weren’t in it.”

“Of course we have to have a PC master race scumbag here.”


“Aren’t Asians supposed to be intelligent?”

Gosh. Well, it is YouTube. Again, the entire video as a whole hit a wide range of thoughts relating to the Switch, so the piling on one person who gave an extreme dissenting opinion appeared excessive. Any good debate video will feature two sides to the story, so if Tori was on one end of the spectrum, it only made sense to counterbalance her with the complete opposite, which in this case happened to be Seth.

The producers likely did not know who would enjoy the Switch trailers and just chose whoever was available, but in any case, the episode was a balanced slate of ideas. If the Fine Brothers end up purchasing the new Nintendo Switch console and let the teens or college kids play it, that would make for an even more entertaining episode. Check out the video for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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