Plans for Mr. Sinister to appear in future X-Men film

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He’s one of the X-Men’s greatest villains, but Mr. Sinister has yet to appear in a feature film. There were rumors that the mutant mad scientist would appear in Logan, but it’s been confirmed by multiple sources that this won’t happen. However, fans of the character should still be excited. During a recent interview with Cinemablend, producer Simon Kinberg was asked if Nathaniel Essex would appear in a future X-Men film.

“The short answer is yes,” Kinberg said. “We’d love to see Sinister. I think he is one of the great untapped villains in the X-Men universe, and we do have plans to introduce him into the world.”

The producer didn’t get more specific than that. It’s possible that Sinister could appear in one of the upcoming Deadpool or X-Men sequels or possibly the new X-Force film. Whatever the case, let’s just hope they find an actor who can replicate his voice from the ’90s animated show. Remember how awesome that voice was?!?

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