Outsiders 3×05 ‘We Are Kinnah’ review

Well, that was a twist.

Honestly, I was expecting the Moregon to infiltrate the Farrells even more through G’win, at least making G’win fall in love with her. Instead, they just went head to head against each other. It could be because we have only five episodes left, but it’d be nice to see how manipulative Moregon could be. Instead, we got a glimpse of manipulation and a whole lot of crazy.

This episode had many great moments from each of the characters. The G’win/Big/Kinnah storyline was fantastic. It showcased Big’s love for G’win (even though I haven’t entirely forgiven him for last season), but also her dependence in him as a leader. Although G’win is “the good one”, she is still young and impressionable. Big is just straight forward and can get things done, but he should never be leader ever again because he was a tyrant. Together, they sadly do make a good team. It is going to take his brute attitude and her cunningness to take on Moregon and the Kinnah.  Although, I would prefer Lil Foster and G’win.

Although I love Sally Ann and Hasil, it wasn’t their love story that stuck out to me during their scenes. Frida and Butch may have become my favorite new couple. Butch and Frida are in a loving relationship and one that isn’t really shown in everyday media. Frida is a transgender woman who is in a refreshingly normal relationship and her being transgender doesn’t even come up – other than for Sally Ann and Hasil’s curiosity. This relationship normalizes transgender relationships and I absolutely love it. Sorry, #Sasil.

As for Wade’s storylines in this episode, I’m really glad we got to see him connect with Caleb and the little boy Samuel. We rarely see Wade interact with his son, other than trying to find him during the first season. It’s nice to see him obsess over something that isn’t Farrell.

And, of course, Lil Foster’s storyline is pretty intense. Lil Foster never had to deal with race relations in the mountain. Sure, the clan are all white, but they don’t have problems with any type of person. Hasil had no problem with Sally Ann’s race because that doesn’t really affect them. They don’t interact with the politics and conflicts tied to racism in America. They have their own rules and regulations and it’s mainly – mountain or Outsider. So, with Lil, he’s having a wake-up call to the world down the mountain. He’s learning about racism, classism, and prison life. It’s going to change him indefinitely. A part of me feels like he’s going to slowly become like Big (before the trauma happened) when he returns because there is a lion locked up inside of him. I’m scared to see it come out.

Overall, this was a beautiful and exciting episode. I don’t know what to expect or how they will defeat the Kinnah. I’m hoping it’ll have Hasil and Lil returning guns blazing killing off all the Kinnah. Unlikely, but hopeful.


Big wakes to find the Kinnah taking his generator from his home and when he tries to stop them, one of them pulls a knife with a distinct bracelet. He grabs his generator and tells them to leave. They do. He complains to G’win who blames Moregon. G’win said she asked Moregon to do it because they need to save their fuel.

Big brings up Hezzy’s death and blames the Kinnah. Moregon counters the blame onto Big. G’win assigns Big to find his son, but not before Big chooses to investigate Hezzy’s death. They dig through the ashes and find the Kinnah bracelet.

Big brings the bracelet to G’win, who then questions Moregon. Moregon admits to G’win they they burned it because the meat was tarnished. G’win kicks Moregon out and asks Big for help getting rid of the Kinnah. While G’win is at Big’s, the Kinnah goes to G’win’s home and steals all her guns. They use the guns against the Farrell clan and hold them hostage.

Hasil and Sally Ann wake up on Butch’s couch to the sound of Butch playing video games. Butch’s girlfriend Frida tells Hasil off, but figures out Sally Ann is pregnant and lets them stay. Sally Ann and Frida bond over motherhood.

Sally Ann and Hasil talk about prenatal care and doctor’s visits, which costs money. Since he doesn’t have a social security number, he can’t get a real job. She said she could work instead as long as he’s with her.

Not satisfied in having Sally Anne work, Hasil does grunt work in the town. Heis hired to do some tar work, but takes breaks to drink water and eat food offered by the boss. At the end of the day, the boss deducts money from Hasil who realizes he can’t keep doing this kind of work. He gets hired by Butch to be his bodyguard at a night fight-club with Hasil realizing he could fight to make money.

Wade runs into one of his deputies who had just been transferred to the prison. Wade finds out that Lil Foster isn’t doing so well in prison and is in general population. Wade calls the prison to see if Lil could be transferred to county jail, but Meyers finds out and tells Wade it needs his approval. Meyers approves it and questions Wade’s obsession with the Farrells and wants Wade to focus on two missing fence guards (the ones the Kinnah killed). Wade dismisses those guys are drunkards.

Wade takes a call and finds Samuel, the little boy Big saved from that family. Wade takes Samuel to find his home. Samuel doesn’t know where he lives but does remember “Bear”. After not finding Samuel’s home, Wade takes Samuel to eat and introduces him to the social worker who takes Samuel.

In the middle of the night, Caleb has a nightmare and Wade rushes to him. He soothes his son and puts Caleb’s teddy bear in his arms. Wade suddenly remembers a bear statue in the woods and heads to the house there, where he finds the dead people Big killed.

While in the prison general population, Big is welcomed by the Aryan Brotherhood and request to join their group. He turns them down with them getting angry. He walks away.

While in the prison yard, Lil Foster sees a young black man lifting weights. The man takes offense to Lil’s innocent comments and attempts to fight him. The Aryan Brotherhood steps up to defend Lil. Lil walks away confused at what just happened.

While in the bathroom, the Aryan Brotherhood bring Lil a gift – the black prisoner that tried to fight with Lil earlier all tied up. They offer Lil to beat or even kill the prisoner, but Lil tosses the hammer, refusing to fight.

Outsiders airs on Tuesday at 9pm on WGN America.

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