Where are the A+ Marvel video games?

This is a serious question, where are the A+ Marvel Comics superhero video games? Currently, the only superhero video games that are decent, are the Batman Arkham series from DC Comics. As entertaining as those were, I will say that I’m quite tired of Batman. He’s consistently fighting insane people that escape from Arkham or are produced by Arkham. That place needs a revolving door since the people he throws in there just walk out the door. I’m looking at you, Joker.

Spider-Man has an upcoming video game that will be released to PS4, however, it’s been quite some time since he’s been in the spotlight on consoles. The last video game iterations of our favorite wall-crawler have been lackluster at best. The last popular Spider-Man video game was back on PS2. That’s more than a decade ago!

If Spider-Man does well, Insomniac should develop the other Avengers characters too. Imagine if they developed a Marvel video game where you could destroy the city as you fight villains. However at the same time, you have to save as many lives as you can by controlling the collateral damage. Do you know how cool it would be for a character like The Juggernaut and The Hulk crashing through the city and buildings?

Quite some time ago Marvel released Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, and it was received with overwhelmingly positive reviews. This shows that a popular Marvel game is possible. It’s about time that Marvel started shining brighter on the consoles as much as they shine in the theaters.

Check out the old Hulk: Ultimate Destruction trailer! Imagine this game with today’s graphics and in-depth storylines.

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