Marvel seriously needs to begin production on a Blade series

Marvel has been consistently making power moves as of late. In fact, it looks like 2oth Century Fox is finally starting to follow suit with their recent Marvel franchise releases of Deadpool and Logan. Of course, they’re touching on the rated-R aspects of this genre on the movie screens which have been met with a lot of positive reactions and reviews. I’m not going to speak about X-Men or Fantastic Four since those two have been hit and miss – more misses for Fantasic Four, though.

Marvel’s Netflix series has been steadily charging through the online streaming community with millions of positive responses and reviews. They’re about to release Iron Fist soon, but I think it’s time that Marvel finally focus on their supernatural anti-hero: Blade. Yes, the very same character that Wesley Snipes has been itching to play again for Marvel. Blade seems to be on the back burner in the interim, but he’s the kind of dark and brooding character that the Marvel universe needs at the moment.

Netflix’s Marvel properties have all been fairly serious and touching on the rated-R aspects. However, Blade and all the human and vampire drama that he encounters has the potential to be the top of that heap since he deals with consistent supernatural creatures that are hell bent on sacrificing humans or eating them. I’m not sure how Blade would mix with the rest of Marvel Netflix’s heroes, but I know damn well he’d couple great with The Punisher since he doesn’t take prisoners like Blade.

I tend to imagine how Marvel and company would mix in the supernatural elements of Blade and Ghostrider into the same grounded characters as Iron FistLuke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil. Mixing those characters that are already developed along with the mixing of intense supernatural elements could make for an extremely entertaining and badass storyline for all these characters. The only thing that brings a downer on these characters is that they are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but at the same time, they don’t seem to be. They do make a lot of references to the Avengers and all the global heroics that team gets into, however vice-versa, the Avengers makes no mention of Matt Murdock and company.

However I digress, I think it’s about time that Marvel puts their foot on the ground and get to work getting Blade into production. Although Marvel is fairly smart in their decisions and I have a feeling that they might surprise us with Blade suddenly appearing in the series in one way or another.

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