Kingdom Hearts television series?

Kingdom Hearts is possibly one of the most famous video game series to come out. As a collaboration title for Square Enix and Disney, it has far surpassed any expectations that could have been set for it when it was first in development. And now 15 years after its official release, the game still has an incredibly loyal fan base and continues to grow in popularity with each release. That popularity might see a massive surge if the rumors of a Kingdom Hearts TV series turn out to be true.

In 2002 which Kingdom Hearts first launched, Seth Kearsley approached Disney about producing an animated TV show based on the game. Although at the time the project was scrapped, Seth tweeted on February 15 that “Emails have been exchanged. Dialog has at least been started. Pitching a do-over with the current skill set. #kingdomhearts.” While this doesn’t exactly confirm that fans will get a Kingdom Hearts television series, it does inspire some hope that the Kingdom Hearts universe will be displayed in another medium.

Following his previous tweet users bombarded Seth with questions about the shows art style and what exactly the show would be about.

Kearsley responded by saying the show would focus on an “alternate timeline” to give the series a different perspective. He responded saying “@lemfern Alternate timeline. Just like anyone playing the game has their own timeline. I played the whole game. Don’t want to just copy.”

This makes sense because simply watching the events of Kingdom Hearts unfold the same way in a television series would be boring for most viewers. My hope is that the series follows the formula that the previous series have used when adapting a video game into an animated series (i.e. Persona 4 The Animation and Devil Survivor 2:The Animation.) Each of those series kept the original story of the games yet made minor changes to how events took place to make each experience unique to the show rather than a simply copy paste job from the video games.

While right now Kingdom Hearts as an animated series seems a long shot, only time will tell if the project will gain the necessary momentum to become a full-fledged series.

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