Book preview: June Gemini is the hero we all need right now

Not all heroes wear capes.

In this case, we are introduced to June Gemini, a young everyday man who gains supernatural abilities when the earth is threatened by a series of natural disasters. He doesn’t have a cape, but he holds the key to saving the world, alongside a diverse group of friends with the same abilities.

After noticing natural disasters happening around the world, the author, known as Kofa, questioned if there was a deeper and more celestial reason for these events to happen. That’s when he designed his story of June Gemini. The novel concept started out as a comic book, but slowly evolved into the science fiction story it is today.

There are not many heroes of color in science fiction. Just last year, we were introduced to Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Just one. With the exception of  Samuel L. Jackson, who is basically in everything, we rarely see black men taking up leading roles in the science fiction genre. Finally, we have a hero who will tell his story in the sci-fi world. Kofa said that the character is relatable regardless of background, but does recognize the need for more black heroes.

After finishing the final draft of his novel, Kofa sought out to create a visual concept trailer for June Gemini. The trailer looks absolutely fantastic and could possibly be a mini-series.

Check it out below:

JUNE GEMINI is a supernatural sci-fi saga that explores the power of choice and love. When a series of natural disasters threaten earth, many question whether the events are an anomaly or forewarnings of something greater. June, a temperamental young man, learns he is now able to do things that are beyond what any human is capable. He soon meets Dr. Charles Risk, the founder of a powerful organization, who vows to help him and others with similar gifts to understand their abilities. As evidence of an imminent global catastrophe surface, June discovers the origin of his growing powers may hold the key to saving mankind.

June Gemini is set to release on June 6th, 2017. You can pre-order the book here.

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