For the North! Game of Thrones: The Musical will have heads rolling!

Do you love musicals? Do you love HBO’s Game of Thrones? Have you ever watched Game of Thrones and thought ‘This is pretty f*cked up stuff?’ If you said yes to all three, then you’re in luck!

From the minds behind ‘Lost: The Musical’ and ‘Once Upon A Time: The Rock Opera’, Game of Thrones: The Musical is here for your enjoyment! This unauthorized musical parody of the award-winning series is now playing in Los Angeles and is absolutely hilarious. The show consists of two sets of cast members to perform – Team Lannister (Fridays 8pm / Saturday 4pm) and Team Targaryen (Saturday 8pm / Sunday 7pm). We caught Team Lannister last Friday night.

The show, directed by Steven Christopher Parker and created by Parker and Steven Brandon, plays on the first season of the HBO series with the introduction of the Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen families. Game of Thrones: The Musical opens up with George R.R. Martin (Jarrett Sullivan) giving an introduction about his story, which he ends up narrating the entire show, with The Story of A Game of Thrones. The entire company joins in with a choreographed routine and provides a little bit of information on who they are.

We are then introduced to the Stark Family with “Hello From Winterfell” where we learn about Ned Stark (Christopher Robert Smith), his beautiful wife Catelyn (Kathleen Foster), his loving family – Robb (Alex Lewis), Sansa (Allison Lobel), Arya (Amy Kline), and Bran (Will Choi) along with Hodor (Justin Mitchiner), and then there is Jon Snow (Max Reed III). In this hilarious number, we are reminded just how unloved Jon Snow felt in the first season. We then see Ned and King Robert Baratheon (Mitchiner) interact with Robert asking Ned to “Be My Hand”. Smith shines as Ned Stark as he dominates the scenes trying to get all of the attention on him, including interrupting fellow characters to “shut up” so he could continue his performance. Smith’s sharp comedic timing perfectly matched Mitchiner’s well-executed performance. Of course, Ned hilariously accepts the “hand job”.

With the Lannisters, nothing is off the table. We do see Jamie (Matt Fowler) and Cersei’s (Delilah Kujala) incestuous relationship and Tyrion (Drew Boudreau) as the alcholic who knows all about it. We also are introduced to the hilariously annoying Joffrey (Choi) who wants nothing to do with Sansa, who seems to be enamored by him – or the idea he’ll be king.

Tyrion does get his own solo song ‘You Can’t Kill Me’ as an ode to his character being the most popular in the series, including Peter Dinklage earning two Emmys. So, really, you cannot kill him. Boudreau worked well as Tyrion with his cocky attitude and adding some improv to his comments to be even funnier.

The musical does fast-forward from beginning to end, where we know what happened to Ned, but not before all the fun and exciting moments to happen, including Tyrion’s infamous slap to Joffrey’s face, Arya going through several phases, Daenerys and Drogo fall in love, and the fight for the North. All this, with original songs, worked out well.

Despite the sound problems during the show, where it was hard to hear some of the lyrics, even when seated front and center, there were standouts vocally. Kujala, Lewis, Mitchiner, and Bratz seemed to have the strongest vocals where they were heard throughout the theater. Kujala nailed all her notes in a Grande-esque manner as the wicked witch of the show, Cersei. Bratz’s vocal pipes were quite impressive, which was unexpected due to his character’s vocabulary being limited to only grunts. When he began singing, it was a shock for the entire audience.

There were some actors who did double-duty as multiple characters. Mitchiner also had strong vocals as King Robert, Sam, and Hodor. Choi, who plays four different characters in the show, seemed to have the most fun as his characters, especially as Joffrey. Choi captured the arrogance and whiny attitude of the most hated character (from season 1-4) perfectly. Choi and Lobel had such fun chemistry as Joffrey was trying to reject a lovestruck Sansa.

Overall, Game of Thrones: The Musical was a fun show to watch for any Game of Thrones fan who just needs a laugh. It’d be hard for a non-fan to understand the references, but if you know the major plot lines, then you’d be fine. The music is fun. The songs are original. And, honestly, it’s a really funny show.

Game of Thrones: The Musical is playing now at the MACHA Theatre (1107 N Kings Rd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 ) in West Hollywood.

For tickets to the event or more information, click here.

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