Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 sets standard in mechanical keyboards – Review

I’ve been a fan of Razer ever since I bought my first Razer Blade laptop nearly 4 years ago. And, I’ve always been a fan of mechanical keyboards with their tell-tale “clickety-klack” sounds and tactile responsiveness. So I was naturally very hopeful that Razer’s latest update to their BlackWidow Chroma mechanical keyboard would not leave me disappointed. I am happy to report that the new Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 is an impressive bit of machinery, taking all the parts of the original Chroma that made it so popular, and updating it with some new features that take it to the next level. Although those that already have the original Chroma may not feel compelled to upgrade for the sake of upgrading, anyone looking for a new mechanical keyboard would be hard-pressed to find a better model out there on the market today.

The BlackWidow Chroma V2 comes in three different switch varieties – Green are the traditionally loud switches that really highlight the difference between a mechanical and traditional keyboard; Orange are the slightly quieter versions of the keyboard; and, Yellow are the softest switches, which don’t provide a tactile bump, making them ideal for FPS and MOBAs, where key press speed is key. My review unit was the tried and true Green version, my ideal kind of keyboard.

The Chroma V2 has all the visual hallmarks of the original Chroma, and, at a glance, the differences will be rather hard to see. The fonts on the keycaps have been changed, although its unlikely you would be able to notice this unless you are paying attention. The Chroma V2 also includes a magnetically attachable/detachable padded wrist rest that is very easy to use or remove, depending on your tastes. I personally found the wrist rest a nice added touch, with a soft padding that makes long game-play sessions more bearable.

Those with peripheral overload (which, let’s be honest, is most gamers) need not worry, as the Chroma V2 includes USB and 3.5mm audio pass through ports which allow users to plug their audio and USB devices directly to the keyboard. The keyboard also comes standard with the Chroma lighting from the original model, that creates a dazzling array of backlight options, all configurable using the Razer Synapse software. Users can choose from a series of preset lighting options or create their own custom light configuration.

Putting the Chroma V2 through its paces during a marathon session of Heroes of the Storm, I found the keyboard more than up to the challenge. The keyboard was responsive and tactile, and never let me down in the middle of a massive team fight. Rated with a lifespan of 80 million keystrokes, it’s unlikely that any but the most hardcore of gamers will be needing a replacement keyboard anytime soon. Although the retail price tag of $169.99 may be a bit steep for some, consider it a long-term investment in the future. Because if you pick up a Chroma V2, it’s unlikely you’ll need another keyboard for a very long time.


5 out of 5 atoms

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