Which non-Marvel Studio villain would you want the Avengers to fight?

If all the Marvel franchises that are being held by Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox were to suddenly return to Disney and Marvel, which characters or villains would you choose to take on the Avengers team? I know there’s a lot of villains to choose from, however I personally think there is only one that would ultimately cause them…doom. Yeah you guessed it, Doctor Victor Von Doom would wipe the floor with the Avengers, as he’s done many times in the comics.

Despite the fact that Doctor Doom has been a constant thorn in the side of the Fantastic Four and many other heroes, he’s the only villain with his own country that’s recognized by governments of the world. He is normally categorized as a global threat, however if given time to plan out his schemes, he has the ability to take out the world and the entire galaxy if left unchecked.

Even Doctor Doom’s intellect surpasses that of Tony Stark and Reed Richards; two of the smartest heroes in Marvel. While Tony and Reed have superior scientific knowledge and logic to a fault, Doctor Doom matches this knowledge along with the completely unrivaled understanding of magic. His armor also exceeds that of Tony Stark’s, even though it doesn’t look as flashy. His Doom-bots are even better than those of Hank Pym’s original Ultron protector robots; pre-Ultron of course.

I think the story lines involving Doctor Doom would be done with a little passion towards the character if it were in Marvel’s hands. I was not a fan of the earlier and recent incarnations of Doctor Doom that Fox created. I’ll be honest though and state that the movie was a bust and the characters were forgettable. It’s a sad fact that this happened to Doctor Doom since he’s been such a terror throughout the comics.

Which villain do you think should get a shot at fighting the Avengers?

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