I’ve seen the 40-minute Logan sneak peek, and X-23 is brutal and amazing

A new trailer for Logan has been released by Fox, and with that, I finally get to talk about the 40-minute sneak peek that was shown during the Fox Showcase last year. If you’ve seen the trailer, then you’ve seen a glimpse of what Laura Kinney, aka X-23, can do.

Deadpool has helped with making Fox feel at ease with an R-rated Wolverine film, and from what I saw, it isn’t afraid to go all out. There’s nudity, people being decapitated, and lots and lots of blood. What do you expect from a man with claws… make that two people with claws.

First, I want to talk about Professor X. Logan is seen taking care of the aging yet powerful mutant. He definitely has a more colorful language, dropping F-bombs left and right. If you’ve seen Patrick Stewart in Starz’s Blunt Talk, then you have already gotten a taste of that.

We also get to see more of Caliban, who has seen very little screen time in previous trailers. He’s an albino mutant with the power to locate other mutants. He’s actually the voice of reason of the group and has some funny moments. (He is played by Stephen Merchant, the co-writer and co-director of UK’s The Office and the voice of Wheatley in Portal 2.)

Logan is trying to live a normal life, and his new job is driving people around. In one scene, the mutant is driving a bunch of young party girls around, and one of them flashes her boobs. Yep, this is definitely an R-rated film. Another woman contacts him to give her a ride, but Logan finds out who it is and wants nothing to do with her and a little girl named Laura. Shit goes down and Laura hides inside Logan’s vehicle. If you’ve seen the trailer, then you know that Donald Pierce, played by Narcos’ Boyd Holbrook, is looking for the girl. Fans of X-23 know what she’s capable of, but we’re still in suspense as a small group of cyborgs enters Logan’s place. They do not fare well against the small girl, as she quickly disposes of them.

Laura walks out of the house with a decapitated head in her arm and tosses it towards Donald. What comes after is a vicious fight featuring a lot of tough guys and one little but ferocious girl. The filmmakers have done an amazing job since I believed that this little girl was able to go toe-to-toe against a team of evil cyborgs. The audience was in awe as Laura would flip around and stab guys twice her size with blood splatters everywhere. Oh, and Logan also has his moment to shine.

Since they are outnumbered, Logan resorts to escaping the area along with Charles Xavier and Laura. We’re then introduced to a chase sequence out in the desert. This should put a smile on fans of Mad Max.

I thought James Mangold’s The Wolverine was okay, even if it did keep close to the original source, but with the director being able to let loose, like Wolverine in the film, hopefully it means this is going to be the best Wolverine film to date.

Logan slashes into theaters on March 3, 2017.

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