GameStop’s first wave of Nintendo Switch pre-orders have sold out

GameStop has been pushing the Nintendo Switch hard since it was announced in October 2016, and even more so closer to the Switch Presentation on January 12th. The weekend after the presentation, it looks like its current amount of pre-orders have been sold out. It didn’t take one day like I was expecting. Matter of fact it was significantly less disastrous than the NES Classic.

Senior VP of Merchandising at GameStop Bob Puzon has stated that all 3,900 stores in the nation have had their “first allotment” of Nintendo Switch units completely reserved. He also said they’ll be working “closely with Nintendo” to get more units and notify the general public of their availability.

Nintendo said it aims to sell 2 million units within the first month of launch, and judging by the status of pre-orders on all shopping sites, it looks like they might pull it off. Were you able to pre-order the Switch? How tough was it? Let us know!


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