Nintendo Switch pre-orders start tomorrow, here is what we know

Nintendo will be holding a presentation on the Nintendo Switch in just under an hour from now (11PM EST/8PM PST) which you can watch here. Many questions will be answered including what games will launch with the system, system specs, release date and most importantly price. For those looking to secure a system early, here is a list of places we know will be taking pre-orders starting tomorrow.


If you plan on pre-ordering from Gamestop, we now know that stores will have limited allotments per each store. GameStop employees will be posting how many units will be available, making it easier for you if you plan on camping out tonight. As for online pre-orders, GameStop hasn’t confirmed what time pre-orders will appear on its website, but with the high demand, prepare for delays and crashes.


While the price for the system has yet to be revealed Walmart is set to take pre-orders tomorrow. A picture from Reddit shows that the SKU is priced at $399 which may be a placeholder or possibly part of a bundle. If you have a 24 hour Walmart. it might be smart to get their really early, so you can be one of the first people to order it once it goes live in their system.


While it’s not full confirmed it seems that the Nintendo Switch will be officially available for pre-order on Amazon at 1AM ET on January 13th. This was supposedly revealed by a user who contacted Amazon UK.

Nintendo NY

Well, this might be the least possible chance you have if you weren’t camping out as early as yesterday. Nintendo NY confirmed it will have a limited quantity of the Nintendo Switch to pre-order at opening tomorrow. The line is already reportedly long, let’s just hope everyone in line is actually there to get the system to play.

No confirmation on pre-orders for Best Buy and Target. If you do plan on camping out stay warm and safe.

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