Salem 3×08 ‘Friday’s Knights’ review

With the series almost concluding, we would expect more twists and turns from our characters… and that it did. It seems the Devil still has some power left. Could he somehow come back? Will it be through Anne’s weakness?

Let’s check out what happened:

The Sentinel getting sentimental

The Sentinel prepares the red mercury for Black Sunday and delivers it to Thomas Dinley, who feels honored to be part of the destruction. Dinley introduces alcohol to the Sentinel who becomes drunk at the Sibley home. He begins to spew his plans to just want to free his fallen angels and make Earth his new home. He warns them that they cannot let the Devil return.

The Sentinel drunkenly plays chess against God and with Cotton’s help, the Sentinel is able to ‘check’ his opponent. The Sentinel and Cotton bond over their relationship with their fathers, which allowed the Sentinel to understand humans. Cotton takes the Sentinel to a pub to watch the human interaction and get even drunker. Cotton takes the Sentinel to church to show him how devoted they are to God. In a hilarious drunken stupor, the Sentinel begins to rant about everyone fearing God.

He then introduces food to Sentinel who loves orange, bread, and gin. Cotton then takes the Sentinel to the brothel to learn about the pleasures of the human touch. Cotton hires a prostitute for the Sentinel. As Cotton is trying to push women off him, he sees a glimpse of Gloriana, but before he could see her, Hawthorne calls to him for help. Hawthorne requests for Cotton to marry them. He does so then and there.

After the Sentinel experienced sex, he leaves the brothel happily. He is then attacked by John with the knife he forged. After a brutal fight, John is able to kill the Sentinel, just when he was beginning to feel what it was like to be human.

I actually was beginning to like the Sentinel. Sure, he wanted to destroy the world and bring his brothers and sisters, but he seemed to become more human. I enjoyed his enjoyment of human interests and interaction. But, if he had to go, why not go out with a bang? Literally, he had sex with a person. I did love the idea that an archangel could love oranges.

Lost Little Girl

Dorcas wakes from the sounds of crying who she believes is her deceased mother. She runs into her mother’s arms only to be taken by an unseen force. Isaac wakes up to find her cloak on the floor. He has his men look for the little girl as he attends the meeting to stop the Sentinel. Isaac is taken aback when he sees his friend, Mary, alive. Although he would like to help, he is determined to find Dorcas first.

Dorcus is captured by Mercy. Hawthorne is frustrated over the kidnapping and explains that murder of a child will incite a mob to attack her. She tells him she has a plan.

I’m betting the plan consists of framing Isaac for Dorcus’ death – if they do kill her. I hope they won’t, because she has been his motivation to keep going. With the end of the series, I hope Isaac comes out on top.

It Never Ends

Mary visits Cotton and informs him of the Devil’s death. Cotton visits Anne with fresh food to comfort her pregnancy. He tells her that the Devil has been killed and they must do whatever it takes to destroy the Sentinel. He requests she moves into the Sibley mansion. While in the Sibley house, Anne begins to hear the voice of the Devil and almost opens the door to hell. As she is looking at the Devil’s dollhouse, she sees her movements being manipulated by the miniatures. The Devil appears in the dollhouse and asks to be let in.

During the meeting, Mary, Sebastian, Cotton, and John discuss the plans on how to get rid of the Sentinel. Cotton will lead the Sentinel into a dark alley for John to kill him with the knife he made. Sebastian, after following the Sentinel, knows where the red mercury is, but refuses to share the information for his own safety.

As Mary is walking through the cemetery, she is stopped by John Alden who embraces her with a kiss. He forgives her for what she had done. Angry, she tells him he should be begging her for his forgiveness because she did it all for John. He questions if he had any feelings for Sebastian, but she tells him she does not and will go to Tituba to find the weapon, so they won’t need Sebastian anymore. As she walks away, John shifts into Sebastian, who is angry for being deceived.

Tituba is seen sewing the dead body parts of Little John.  She is visited by Mary who informs her of their plans. Mary tasks Tituba of finding the weapon.

Sebastian talks to his mother about revenge against Mary. His mother requests for the rest of her blood. As Sebastian gets the Devil’s stash of Mary’s blood, he is attacked by the Devil but is left unharmed. He pours the rest of Mary’s blood into his mother’s corpse. Immediately after, Mary begins to feel pain over her body and faints.

It looks like Countess Marburg is back as the villain in all of this, which we should have known because you don’t mess with Lucy Lawless. Also, with Sebastian’s emotions being tossed around, I don’t blame him for wanting revenge. He risked everything for Mary. Yeah, he was still selfish, but it was still nice. But, I’m still #TeamJohnAlden.

I feel like, in the end, Tituba will reign supreme. She’s like the reality show contestant who just hides in the background while the others fight for survival and then comes out of the woodwork winning the competition. With just two more episodes, we may just see that.

Salem airs on Wednesdays 9/8c on WGN America.

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